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  1. Share your pictures, advice and questions for other BMW owners here!

    I just wanted to give a shout out to- ILuvMyHusband (along with many other ladies) who wanted to start a thread about BMWs. tPF is a great resource, everyone helps each other out. Also- ILuvMyHusband just hit 1000 posts and she is expecting in a few weeks!! :flowers:

    So let the chatting begin! :wlae:

    (Sorry..title is quite boring, but it grabs the attention of readers like many have said to me before)
  2. hooray! i wanted to be the first to reply :smile:
  3. :upsidedown: We did it! Hooray! lol
  4. here are pictures...

    this is my 335i i had to trade in for something bigger for baby...
    i do love her and think about her still lol.

    and here is my new love... have had the windows tinted since getting it and need to take new pics... but other than that, nothing has changed. still paper plates... deciding if i want to put my personal ones on there.
  5. Nice car! The 7 series cars are so roomy, that will be great for you and the new baby! More room is always more convenient!
  6. thank you :smile:
    hopefully we will get some new members soon! everyone seemed interested in it before! i feel like some lonely person waiting for people to arrive at my party haha.
  7. i'm here!! lovely car ILuvMyHusband!! The 7series is definitely a nice upgrade for the expecting little one, CONGRATS!
  8. Welcome Jen!!
  9. I love your 7 series, ILuvMyHusband! I don't have a BMW so I'll just enjoy everyone else's.
  10. I'm in! I have an 03 Silver X5.. I don't have pics on this laptop but I'll get some in as soon as I can. :yes:
  11. Yay! I'm in for now. I have an '04 grey metallic X5. Don't have pics w/me, but maybe I'll put some up later.

    This is the '08 model, which is a little more rounded


    After this car, honestly, I'll want another BMW....I can't imagine driving another car after a BMW :love: (Of course, only if I can)
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  12. I have on 03 325xi in orient blue. I love it! Only car I've been able to keep without wanting a different one. I prefer the body style of my 03 to the current style. If ever my commute shortens I'd love an X3!
  13. Oh yay, Im in! I have a '06 325i in Metallic Graphite Black. Dont have any pictures of her...yet! I love the way she handles......vrooooooom! LOL;)
  14. <-------- I have a 3 series in Alpine White...LOVE her!!

    When my lease is up in 2 years, I plan on getting a 6!!!
  15. lol. not old enough. but im def. a bmw girl 8)

    my dad has a 5 series 8)

    its so pretty. i love to stare. LOLL

    ill join 8) yu guys wait 3 years. ill have my baby soon :heart: