Join the AnthraClub !!

  1. Please join the Club and post pics of your AnthraBaby !!!

    Here is my big boy:supacool: ...
  2. That is gorgeous!!! I'd literally kill for that!!! CONGRATS!!
  3. And here's my gorgeous girl...picture taken with flash.

  4. I want to join too! :yes: Not a member yet, but hopefully someday soon.:drool:
  5. Here is my anthracity...

  6. here's my anthrawork! kayla showing her off.


  7. I'm coming back to this thread again and again...
    I really have a problem with this color ;)
    Fayden : Kayla could such a perfect Bal Sa !!!
  8. fromparis - is that a weekender bag?

    i got an anthracite city, which i'm trying to get better pictures of (in natural light).

    i love that it changes colors. such a chameleon!
  9. ^^^^Yes's the new WE with longer handles !!!

    Can't wait to see your new pics !!!
    Anthracite is such a difficult color to capture...
  10. :love: ok, this is not good...I'm falling more and more in love w/anthra!
  11. My first!


    anthracite.jpg anthracite2.jpg
  12. Fayden, you are so flipping cute with your Blythe dolls! I love it ......and your work too! I just sold my Chloe Paddy so I think I need to give Daphne a call to get on a waiting list for my anthrababy so I can join the club!
  13. This is a club I really want to join. When are the anthradays going to be here? When? ( tapping foot impatiently.)
  14. hmmmm Anthraday.........Beautiful!
  15. [​IMG]here are some close-ups of the leather and my baby!