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  1. all the 08 bags looks super thick and delish ;)

    Post your pics here!!
  2. Yippee ki yay, I'm a member!

    Pale magenta Work!!! :love:
    IMGP5141.jpg IMGP5131.jpg IMGP5181.JPG
  3. and here's my contribution - sahara part time with giant silver hardware. lovin' it!

    Balenciaga Part Time Sahara.JPG Balenciaga Part Time Sahara close.JPG
  4. BUMP

    I know there must be more '08 bags cough up the pics :p
  5. [​IMG]
  6. tintin_16 the leather looks nice & even across your bag. The magenta looks so pretty w/GSH.
  7. Here's my week broken in~~

  8. BEAUTIFUL bags, girls! :yahoo:
    Here's my RH black city 08
    (sorry for the crappy pic)

    tintin-16, although I don't really like magenta nor GH, your bag had me drooling!!!
    Picture 006.jpg
  9. the one week broken in magenta is already looking soft!
  10. '08 Bubblegum City with incredible leather:

  11. Just newly acquired BG and EB :yes:
  12. these pictures just took my breath away. WOWZA
  13. Ladies all your bags look amazing!
  14. tintin, peppers, danae, your magentas make me :drool:! lovin the magenta in the work style!
  15. :nuts::wtf: All the Magentas have amazingly thick luscious leather!!! :tup: