Join me vicariously at BNY

  1. Woohoo! I finally get to go visit BNY. We were supposed to go two weeks ago and they had a huge snowstorm so we had to postpone it. The only bag I am interested in is something in sandstone. I am thinking either city, first or twiggy. All this of course depends on if my hubby agrees or not. I am hoping he will be enjoying our first trip since our kids were born so much, he will be receptive. I do want to see other bags and if something strikes me that I like better, maybe I will go for it. But I really need a neutral color. I can't really carry my ink in the warm months. I think the sandstone could be a year round bag and it would be neutral enough to wear with lots of things. Come and join me vicariously. I will report back on Monday morning. :yahoo:
  2. Have fun Allison! I'm spending a lot of time in the Big Apple this month (vicariousy, anyway). I'm also "joining" the girls who are going to the Kooba sample sale. ;)
  3. Allison, shop for me! You will have SO much fun! My husband and I went last May and I want to go back already!
  4. Have fun!!! I wish I was there...
  5. I just got my sandstone gh in the city from BalNY. It's a gorgeous leather. Have fun, I wish you could bring me too.:yes:
  6. I am so jealous! the only place I have been on the East coast is Atlantic City..yuck. It really smells bad there. Now that my kids are getting older we are planning to go to NYC next year! Yeah! Take lots of pics!
  7. Wear a scarf and gloves, it's cold in New York and the wind in way-west Chelsea can be painful!
  8. Oooh have fun!

    Next time I get a bbag I really hope to go straight to BalNY and hand pick it myself :yes:
  9. Have a great time allison! I'm jealous but will happily live vicariously through you! Let us know what you come back with :yahoo:
  10. I know it is supposed to be pretty cold which sucks because I saw the forecast for next weekend and it was much nicer. But our babysitter couldn't do it next weekend so oh well.

    So for all of you experienced BNY'ers, what will it be like? Do they only display one bag each of a particular style and you have to ask to see more? I get the feeling it is very spartan at that store. I want to linger there all day but I have to hit a couple of jewelry stores too while I am there. One can't focus only on purses. :smile:
    I need to check out shoes and jewelry too. Also, I think I recall someone saying they get you in and out quickly at that store. I guess pictures inside the store are off limits, right?
  11. Allison, I hope some knowledgeable person answers your questions - I'd like to know, too. I just saw anthracite in person at Barney's BH (with GH, I don't think they had any RH, but it was a quick trip and they don't always put out everything they have). So I'll be curious to know whether BalNY has several styles in each color on display, or only the things they're trying hard to sell (as it is in Barney's).
  12. Have fun in NYC! :yahoo:
  13. Allison, they do indeed have a spartan display -- it's an old loading dock slightly below street level, so there's a cave-like quality. You should definitely ask to see bags -- don't just count on what's out. They have much more than that.

    Also, the lighting situation is terrible -- fluorescent light fixtures as design choice. ugh.

    And if you want a nice drink/snack/lunch/dinner, bounce up Tenth Avenue to Bottino (24th street), the school lunchroom of the gallery world of Chelsea.
  14. Allison, have a wonderful trip to NY with your hubby! Make sure to take pics of all those gorgeous Bbags so that we may all join you vicariously...
  15. Have fun Allison....can't wait to hear your report! I'll be there right behind you in May!!! I feel like I'm 5 and going to Disneyworld!! :nuts: