Join Me In Writing Purse Poetry!


The Red Queen
Feb 4, 2006
Here is my contribution for the Hermes OCD:

Riches to rags I spend
it on bags. Retirement is
not for me too soon.

Don't let the DH see this:oh:

Coach Superfan

is playing catch up
Dec 5, 2006
in grey heaven
Can't erase the thought
Of buying yet another
They call out to me

Enticing me near
I am drawn even closer
I can't stop the urge

Chloe Paddington
Gucci Eclipse shoulder tote
or brown Fendi Spy?

But how do you choose?
They're all so beautifully made
I can't buy just one

Being addicted
There is no easy way out
How will I stop this?

A squandered trust fund
I can't pay utilities
My checking is zilch

Bags are my demise
I must get some help to stop.
-Oh well, ring it up!

JNH14 crisis!
Nov 3, 2006
Somewhere South...
'Twas just before Christmas and all through my house,
I snuck in my new bags to hide from my spouse.
The closets were stuffed to the brim it would seem,
another new purse-another great dream.

No gifts for the family- only handbags for me,
I'm starting to worry about gifts for the tree.
When off to my laptop the Purse Blog I spy-
a fabulous new purse-I must have it-or die.

My husband is shouting all through the house-
"No more purses-you have truly flipped out!"
And so fellow bag lovers wherever you are-
I say he should be happy-it's not a new car!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night,
may all of your handbags be shiny and bright.
Enjoy your holidays and don't you forget-
there's always that new sale-so get, ready-be set!

HO-HO-HO! May all your holidays be merry!:yahoo:
Feb 26, 2006
This thread is so much fun. I must have been thinking about when I went to bed, because I managed to come up with a haiku while I was half asleep:

It's not just a bag
It's my life in a nutshell
Damn, my life looks good ;)
Oct 23, 2006
Call it a purse, a sac or a bag
I must have many, for I am no hag
The prices are high, the desire is great
Oh many a night, no food on the plate!

Closet is full, closet is growing
Oh good God, how much am I owing?
Who gives a F***, my bags are my life
Atleast I'm not the husband, I am the WIFE!