join me and my birkin fund

  1. I finally set up a birkin fund w/ my precious one yr saving. The yield is 5%, hopefully exceeding the price increase every yr:crybaby: . Anyone doing the same thing?
  2. I have a Hermes fund. It's just been sitting there lately, doing nothing but increasing. Maybe I need t stick my fingers in the cookie jar. It's been a while since I purchased a bag!!!!
  3. :yes: I think you should Bagg!!!! :yahoo: :heart:
  4. ^^ Uh oh, Baggs is getting the itch! Let the games begin!!!! :nuts::p
  5. itch! It's more like a rash! I'm dieing to get that new Lindy bag in swift rose dragee. Eww so pretty and that Medor Clutch,,.. Oi!!!!

    and I know I said no more Birkins this year but I have been thinking of a Vert Anis Ostrich Birkin,..
  6. Do it!!! I can so see you with either! Or both?!? :yahoo:

    To answer the original question, as soon as I am "back on my feet" I'm setting up a Kelly fund. :yes: Especially after trying on a gorgeous one yesterday. :drool:
  7. OHHHH, I say give into the need for a Vert Anis Ostrich Birkin- you would totally rock that bag! And then throw in a Lindy to boot! It's fun spending other people's money! LOL!:p
  8. lmao!!! I totally agree with you. I need to stop in and see my favorite man in this world! Lets see how everything goes.

    I want that Lindy first!
  9. such enablers! I love you all!
  10. MUWAH!:winkiss:
  11. :heart: You!!!! :kiss:
  12. Go, BAGGS, GO, Baby!!!!!!!

    I think you need to spend a little of Mr. Wonderfull's moola..........and I aint talking about your SA!!!!

    (I think you should wait 4-weeks so I can see you in action, IRL!!!!!) LOL!!!!!
  13. oooh bagg, buy the vert anis ostrich, such a great color for you and so fresh and springy!
  14. I'm saving a bit then spending a bit less so it's growing VERY slowly. It's a matter of timing really, I could do with my dream Birkin in about 6 months time ideally, mind you if one came tomorrow, I'd find a way!
  15. CB! I have a Kelly fund set up right now and I'm adding to it slowly. Good luck with yours :smile: