Join Force - Calling all Australian TPFers

  1. I need extra tassels for some of the bags I bought and being $5.50 for each is great! but when it comes to USD$70 shipping from US to Aust for a mere $5.50 item, I have to decline!!!

    So I thought, if anyone in Sydney particularly, needing any tassels, lets order it together so the $70 shipping does not seem ridiculous to pay :sweatdrop:

    PM me!

    TIA :heart:

    *mods, not sure whether this is allowed, so feel free to delete the thread..
  2. A sweet fellow TPFer has come to rescue :yahoo:..
    Thank you J!!!
  3. I'm not in Australia but jeeees: $70 for shipping?!
  4. ITA...I am in Australia and that's the shipping cost BalNY quoted me too. At the time I wanted 05 Indigo & 05 Bubblegum...I have since sold these bags. I am not in need of any tassels right now, but I think what you are suggesting is fabulous!
  5. :hysteric:yup!
    *Which really caused me to have a 2nd thought of ordering..
  6. Thanks KDC!
    I just thought this is ridiculous!
    If its for a bag, fair enuff', but for a $5.50 tassels?

    Atm, a sweet fellow TPFer more than generous has offered me a solution, so lets see if they have the tassels I want :push:
  7. totally agree!!
  8. Oh that's just crazy!!
  9. *exactly my point..:sweatdrop: