Join date ... can it be more specific...

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  1. Just wondering if there is a way to put the exact join date rather than just the month. The reason I suggest this is that we've had some trolls lately and they are easier to identify if the exact join date is known.

    For example, if today is August 30 and someone joined August 30 and posts something that is odd, it raises red flags moreso than if they joined August 1. Yet all we have to go on in their info is "August".

    This is really only relevant the first month they join, so maybe it could have the day of month during the first 30 days of membership only.
  2. exact date is there, click on anyone's profile and you'll see it:yes:
  3. Ahhh, cool!! I had been just looking in the info under their avatar. Thanks so much!!! :tup:
  4. :cutesy: