Johnson's Baby Cologne

  1. I just found this stuff at Wal-Mart in the baby care aisle and it is the BEST stuff ever! It is a clear liquid that is meant to be patted onto babies skin after a bath. It is the fragrance of the baby wash and lotion, and that is all it is: fragrance. I love it! It smells so soft and light and CLEAN!

    I actually bought it to put on my 5 yr old daughter. I am always trying to make her smell like a baby. You know how P.Diddy is always talking about "preserving your sexy" well I am always trying to "preserve her baby." And I found that if I splash a little of this on after my shower, I smell fresh and clean all day long no matter what I do. I even smelled good after mowing my yard! *L*
  2. Aww, that's so cute. :roflmfao:
    Next time I'm at WalMart, I'll check it out. I like soft, clean scents that don't cloud a room with your scent when you enter.
  3. Theres this like Filipino(?) version thats sold mostly at like Filipino stores, its made my Johnson & Johnsons, and its like colonge (hahahha basically what you said) but it comes in different scents, I remember using it when I was little and I liked it. Im not too sure if they had one that smelt like the original scent though.
  4. Yeah they sell it @ the grocery store and I think @ Target here. I have the Johnsons dry oil spray in "Freesia & Aloe"! FRESH!
  5. I actually like using Johnson's baby wash because I figure if it's gentle enough for babies it should be good for my sensitive skins. I enjoys it's delicate smell. I will have to try this cologne
  6. Ooh - not sure if they have it in the UK but I am going to check it out today!!
  7. i was going to write that! I use the blue one...i think they call it the original scent. smells really good and fresh!
  8. it's sold in the hispanic markets also, I love to get for my girls, it smells so good!
  9. I have the original (blue) one. I don't really like the cap with the hole, so I decanted some into a cheap travel perfume spray bottle and carry it in my purse. I notice that when the weather is very hot it is quite cooling on the skin, plus the scent is soooo fresh.
  10. ^^Good idea! I don't like the cap with the hole either. I have an almost empty travel size bottle of body spray with the screw-off cap and pump. That would be perfect!
  11. I just bought the new Shea butter lotion by them!
  12. I can't find that product anywhere! Is there anyone who could buy it for me and ship it to me?
  13. I have been looking for this stuff forever. At first when I contacted J&J, they said it would not be carried in the states. I am so glad it is here. Headed to wally world after work.
  14. the blue and golden one are
    maker: agustin reyes (there are some other brands)
    name: agua de violeta
    the golden version is supposed to be for blonde children since it is also used on children"s hair and the violet color one for darker hair children if you can"t find it pm me and i may be able to get it down here for you>
  15. I found it! I spoke to J&J and they referred me to the distributor: Square 1 Medical 877.306.1421 the item # is 3143 and the sell them for $4.25/each w/ $7.0 S&H! Hope this helps everyone out!