Johnny Depp: We'll Just Assume The Food Was That Good !

  1. [​IMG]
    Johnny Depp stepped out of one of London's fanciest restaurants, Cipriani, over the weekend looking like a homeless bum.

    The sloppy 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star emerged in scuffed construction boots with part of his pricey dinner slopped down his trousers.

    awww i still think he's cute :p
  2. haha it happens. :smile:
  3. i still love him.
    maybe even more now.
  4. i'm not a fan..maybe i'm the only one in this world who doesnt really care about him!
  5. I love that he can go to one of London's fanciest restaurants wearing scuffed construction boots and not give a crap.

    I love this man!!
  6. lol
  7. whoops! :yes:
  8. he has been wearing that exact same pair of boots for 15 years or more..not being sarcastic, dead serious
  9. took the words out of my mouth!
  10. Love him, with anything on him
  11. I love him. I like how he is so down to earth. Sometimes spilling food happens, fancy restaurant or not.