john tucker must die

  1. i find this movie quite funny... besides, jesse metcalfe is SO HOT!!!
    and the main girl actress reminded me of reese witherspoon but in a prettier way :P
  2. i agree he is one hot man
  3. very funny movie! He is hoooot!!!!!!!
  4. I saw the movie with my friend-- we both liked it-- I thought it was pretty funny!
  5. yes, it's a nice feel good movie.
    the theme is so simple and been done in sooo many teen movies, but this one is more special cause it shows aspects from the jock side too.
    i'm drooling over him the whole movie :girlsigh:
  6. ahhh man I still need to see this movie........I don't care if it's stupid.....I just wanna see Jesse Metcalfe.........and boy he is 100000000000X hotter in person
  7. Chamber Doll, u SHOULD watch this. i don't think it's that stupid :P i prefer this than american pie sort of thing! :smile: