John Robert Powers?

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  1. Does anybody know the John Robert Powers agency or talent school?

    There is a audition for kids i heard on the radio and i wonder if i should go,
    But i dont want to go to a scam.

  2. It is legit, but if they're interested in you, be prepared to pay for their classes.

    You're better off approaching a talent/model agency directly in your area if you're interested in starting a career in the field.
  3. Im asking this because i did a research online and i found lots of sites and people saying its a scam.
    Im not sure.
  4. I've heard of them before, but if you want to get into, say modeling, don't go through them, or any modeling school, etc., for that matter. Your best bet is just take some pictures of yourself and send them into a reputable agency, such as Ford or Elite. But first, visit the agency's website, as they usually all have criteria(height, age), and if you fit the criteria, there are instructions on the website for how to send in your pictures to them and what information to send, sometimes they even post call-out days. One thing to remember is anyone who asks YOU for money upfront, it's usually a scam, so run away from them.
    Btw, if that's you in your avatar, you are very pretty! I say go for it! Good luck!! :smile:
  5. ^Yeah I agree. This is one of those places where they'll usually take just about anyone (for purposes of getting more money), put you through classes and you have to pay them. As far as I know, you shouldn't have to pay anyone anything until you have your first job booked. But paying up front is a definite no-no and this is one place where that's a requirement.
  6. a friend of mine went to modeling classes there, and actually went to new york with them for some interviews, but nothing ever came out of it. i actually did something with them as well, but it just seemed like they wanted your money more than anything else.
  7. i was found by them. i did a test shoot for twix candy bar. but my mom decided for me to stop because they were asking for an arm and a leg of money. and asked me to dress in tighter clothes. (i was in 7th grade at the time). now i do PT modeling on the side, and i do not go through any agency.
  8. ^
    That's so cool!!! i want to know more about your PT modeling! :smile:
  9. It's a scam. My friend works for JRP and they're just after your money. In fact, she gets paid to stand at the mall and attract the attention of little kids and their parents. She goes up and talks about how cute they are and then asks if they're interested in modeling. They'll take anyone. She has a quota of people she has to sign up every time she goes out.
  10. Im supposed to call them at 12 and they are gonna tell me if they chose me for a second audition...
    My parents are really exited...but i dont want to tell them that i think its a scam.
  11. Don't be afraid to tell them. They'll be happy that you did your research. You should do some more and find legit agencies in your area.

    I did modeling when I was a teenager (this was back in the 80s). I never went to school and it was fun. But I never paid a school and was represented by modeling agencies that found jobs and auditions for me. If they're telling you that you'll be the next cover of Vogue, don't believe them. Not that you're not gorgeous but most highly successful models are still in their teens and are very tall, etc. (Although I don't know how tall you are...)

    Unfortunately, I never grew tall enough to do runway, which is what I would have loved to do.
  12. They are legit is regards to being a Modeling school, BUT do not sign anything or pay any money.

    My daughter has done modeling since she was 2 and we have never paid a dime.

    The best way to get into modeling is to go get some "head shots" taken and have some copies made into 8 x 10's.
    Get a list of Agency's off the web or in the phone book of your local area and mail 2-3 copies of your head shot with your contact information, height, weight and sizes on the back. Include a note to "New Talent Director" that explains what you are interested in and if you go to school, work etc and if you have ever done any print work or have some sort of related experience.

    If the Agency is legit, they will call you to come in and meet you face to face. They will NEVER ask for a dime or to sign with them exclusively (unless you make it big time) because they do not have enough work to keep you busy full time and know you have sent out your photos else where.

    Last year when my DD (who is 15 now) was in doing a shoot, they asked if I had ever considered modeling :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I was like a 43 year old SAHM... They said to go get a head shot and send them a couple of copies for the file. I did and have actually done some work and a TV commercial:amazed:

    I say run from them, they will only try to sell you classes with promises of potential work (CROCK). It is a waste of time and they troll the malls looking for gullible moms hoping they have the next Hanna Montana or Disney it Girl:cursing:
  13. :yes: Like mentioned, they will take anybody and everybody. Modeling schools are a waste of time and money. And I really would tell your parents that it's a scam, they will thank you later for saved time and money. Years ago, when I was into modeling, there was this call-out meeting for this "agency" at a local upperscale hotel. So, I went there, and filled out an application, they took a couple of photos(there was A LOT of people there), they then razzle-dazzled us with all this BS of how this could be our starting point in the industry, then at the end they discussed that "if we call you in the next two days, we accept you in our agency and all you have to do is pay $200 to start." They also talked a lot about how they are legit and are part of the BBB, etc. Well, two days later, my mom told me that they called and said that they were interested. Well, we did reserach online, and found out that they were one of the biggest scams out there. So, of course, we didn't join them and we didn't pay them the $200. But I felt the same way as you, my parents were really excited and when I found the stuff online about how it was a scam, etc., I hesitated to tell them, but I did tell them, and they were happy that we didn't get into such a hole with that "agency."
    I would really take the past advice here and just send in your photos to well-known agencies, and forget the modeling schools. Keep us updated!

  14. well.. i worked for auto detailing company as their spokesmodel. it was fun. i got to go to lexus meets and model there. ive been to a couple of car shows, did some meet and greet. ive been on flyers, and ive done some shoots for local photographers, im currently working on a calender. not much, just fun on the side.