John, Paul, George, Ringo...and Louis?!?

  1. So, I am off for a fabulous vay-cay to Liverpool and London in June. I've checked the LV site and see that there are Louis boutiques in Manchester and of course London. For those of you tPFers who live across the Pond, give me the scoop on the best SAs and the best boutiques. In addition to hitting LV boutiques, we want to visit a traditional tea room and at the other end of that spectrum, I want to check out some hot acid jazz clubs. Feel free to PM me with suggestions and other 'must do' things while I am in the UK.

    I am tagging along with fellow tPFer Keesh70 as she completes an international residency for school, so while she's studying, I'll be shopping!!! :graucho:
  2. the manchester store is great, in London check out Sloan street & Bond Street ( I think Sloan is the better of the 2) There are a few tpfer in Manchester & Liverpool so I'll leave it up to them for the other suggestions
  3. ^ label, i think new bond street is nicer. i cant remember the name of the SA who helped me a few times but shes a young black girl, very tall and slim.
    and topshop oxford street is a must do.
  4. Opps sorry I meant I think Sloan street is better for the shops but I agree the LV is better in Bond street but....Bond street is supposed to be getting a make over this year so I don't know if it will be closing for it and I don't know when it's happening.

    I heard they want to make it more of an attraction like Paris & New York
  5. Try the Trafford Centre for lots of shops under one roof, though looking at where you from I think the malls you have are prob better! (I miss florida!! )
    There is a new shopping centre in Liverpool called the Met Quarter, thats where all the designer shops can be found but be warned there is not many!!
  6. I think in general the Sloane St. SA's are nicer but if you go to Bond St. ask for Samatha she's nice.
    Also, if you in London you must visit Selfridges also, god.
  7. If you go to LV manchester use Maria, she is lovely. Go to the Juice bar in selfridges, its great. Also have a shop in Harvey Nichols.

    In Liverpool, go to Cafe Rouge which is in met quarter...the food is TDF !.
  8. You guys are great!!! Isn't the Internet wonderful?!?!?! Keep the suggestions coming. I'll be printing this thread and will be sure to take all of your advice!!! By the way, what's Selfridges?
  9. Selfridges is like Neiman Marcus and Saks. It has everything designer in will love it :smile:
  10. selfridges is a high end department store in the UK in manchester you'll find Lv is a boutiqure connect to selfridges and across the Street is Harvey Nichols another department store worth checking out
  11. Also you may want to consider popping to Leeds is about 30-40 minutes from manchester (I think) & great for shopping too there is a LV there also
  12. Claire - Im dying to go to Leeds. I will have to Pm you some time :flowers:
  13. It has been so long since I went to Leeds Lv wasn't even there then, you know the Leeds branch has a VIP room.

    OP I found this about Manchester for you personally I don't think you can go wrong with any of the SA's they are all lovely. There is an Hermes in Manchester too if that interests you
  14. omg :wtf: I have looked for hermes in manchester for ages !, where is it located ??...I thought it had been moved ? :confused1:
  15. In London you must visit Harrods :smile: