John Moynahan: Bridget’s Baby Boy

  1. John Moynahan: Bridget’s Baby Boy


    Bridget Moynahan and 5-week-old son John Edward Thomas Moynahan take this week’s cover of OK! magazine, on newsstands Friday.

    According to USA TODAY, “Moynahan, 36, split last December from her NFL beau and baby-daddy Tom Brady, 30, but he was on hand when the actress gave birth in California Aug.22 and spent a few days with mother and son. Brady is now dating Brazilian model (and Leonardo DiCaprio ex) Gisele Bundchen, 27.”

    Moynahan declined to be interviewed, so there will be no Q&A snippets. BOO!

    Is baby John Moynahan cute — YES or YES?
  2. Super cute baby!

    So I have a question...did he leave her?
  3. YES

  4. Adorable baby and yes he did leave her for Gisele...and I think this is her way of rubbing it all in his face and saying "Ha this baby doesn't have your last name and he is MINE"

    Oh the drama!
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  6. very cute baby!
  7. How precious!

    (Sorry, Giselle. Bridget won't be needing the Supermodel onesie after all!)
  8. She is beautiful and the baby is so dang adorable!!
  9. wow he is so handsome already..gorgeous his dad
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  12. Maybe Tom will change his mind now? Look at that baby, and look at Bridget. What idiot wouldnt wanna be part of THAT family :confused1:
  13. Actress Bridget Moynahan, 36, was spotted out with her son John Edward Thomas, 5 weeks, at the Bel Air Bay Clubon Thursday. Bridget enjoyed lunch with her friend, and cuddled John with a monogrammed burp cloth thrown over her shoulder.
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  14. That cover breaks my heart I dont know how any man can walk away from a woman while pregnant like that. I think that he will regret it she and that baby are so beautiful and she has handled this situation with so much class.
  15. What a crass act that guy is - I can't understand why you would walk away from your own child and the woman you impregnated.