John Mayer is furious and denies dating JS

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    Meanwhile, she's fired her publicist.

    Simpson sacks publicist

    Jessica Simpson has fired her longtime publicist Rob Shuter after last week's debacle surrounding her supposed relationship with John Mayer.

    Both People and Us Weekly magazines ran cover stories suggesting the pair were dating and People even quoted Simpson as saying: "I'm in love!"

    According to news website, reports began surfacing this week that Mayer was furious with the coverage and felt used by the Simpson camp to help boost album sales.

    Simpson appeared on US talk show The View on Tuesday, where she desperately tried to do some damage control stating: "I am actually not dating John Mayer."

    Sources tell TMZ the Simpson camp had been unhappy with Shuter for some time and that the Mayer fiasco "was the last straw" in a series of events leading up to the sacking.

    Mayer posted a message on his official website last Thursday, soon after the story broke saying simply: "Really enjoying this song" above a picture for Public Enemy's hit Don't Believe The Hype.
  2. I thought they were/would've been an odd couple to begin with. So glad the rumor's aren't true (but than never know). Heard on the radio that she was dating that model marcus schenkenberg, now he's a hotie!
  3. Man that guy has to be the poster child for starf***ers in Hollywood... jeeeeesh And besides, I think he's kinda ugly :P
  4. heheh... so now, he is fighting back.. hmmm.. so the rumors are not true then....
  5. Maybe Simpson's camp should hire Star Jones? She's really good at "semantics" (remember her arguing with Larry King)... perfect for the job! Lol!
  6. she can do way better anyways, and if i were him id lie and say it was true because she's effin haawt.
  7. Well , he is an actual artist with talent . i don't think he's ugly at all . I'm betting he's more than a little smarter than she is , though . So what if she's pretty ? She's a complete marketed product , w/ very little talent IMO .
  8. I have read that he uses the same pick up line in every city with every girl and is not exactly discriminating as to who, when etc.
  9. ^ Oh yuck !

    scratch above comment .
  10. i have to say i'm a fan of john mayer, since he's somewhat of a local boy (he didn't grow up in Athens, but he started his career as a singer-songwriter here and his filmed the video for 'the real world' at his favorite local venue, the Georgia Theatre) and usually funny and articulate in interviews. i believe he dated jennifer love hewitt in the past, so i wouldn't put someone like jessica simpson past him, but honestly, i think he can find someone more impressive (just as pretty and with more of a personality). i'm not much of a fan of his music, but hey, whatever. if he is hitting that, more power to him.
  11. I think JS was trying to get back at Nick by dating someone, since Nick's romance has been such a "public affair" I'm gald it backfired on JS. I think JS is very pretty, I'm just sick of her!
  12. Who knows what to believe anymore...they live in another world from me!
  13. in todays US weekly
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  14. His loss. She's a HUGE step up for him.
  15. wow, i'll admit john mayer isnt much of a looker these days but he's INCREDIBLY talented. IMO i think he can do better. JS is losing her cuteness and seems desperate.