John Lobb oil

  1. Hi has anyone tried the John Lobb oil from Hermes on their leather?
    How well does it work to smooth out scratches and how expensive is it?
  2. I've looked for it.
    Does anyone in the states know where to get it or on line for that matter??!!
  3. the only hermes leather oil i've ever seen is from their saddlery line -- it doesn't appear to be made by john lobb, but it works great on barenia and box -- i haven't tried it on any other leathers.

    sus, if you want to try the saddle oil PM me your address and i'll find a little container and send you a sample. if you like it you can order it from courtney in the madison equestrian department.

    the stuff smells SO good, i wish they made a perfume just like it
  4. There is a John Lobb store half a block down from the Hermes store in NYC. You could try to give them a call.
  5. My DH wears John Lobb prestige, the polish works for small scratches, but if you have deep ones, you'll have to bring it back and get it repolished. Every year, my DH brings his shoes back and gets them repolished by Lobb, sometimes in Paris, sometimes in NY. There are 2 different Lobbs, the original one from London and they sold their namesake to Hermes but kept the original store (London) in their family, custom made shoes.

    Another polished that I find great is from JM Weston, there's also a store in NY, but otherwise all our shoes get sent back yearly for a deep polished.

    This one belongs to Hermes:

    This one still belonging to the family:

    JM Weston:
    They have shoes for women as well and you can have custom made mocs and golfers, from lizard to croc. and 7 different widths.
  6. Flossy uses John Lobb cream on all her bags...hopefully she will see this thread....
  7. DH wears John Lobb, he has whole set cream at home, but I never try it on my bag, actually I am afraid that change my bags color:shrugs: :shrugs:
  8. It makes them somewhat waterproof, apparently. I'm gonna get myself a jar in NY....
  9. I use the John Lobb cream on my H bags only when needed and it does help to smooth out the minor surface scuffs. It was recommended to me by a H craftsman and I guess he recommended the cream rather than the oil because it is easier to control....

  10. Does the cream or oil wear the leather down a bit? I'm thinking that it shouldn't, but before I even try it on any of my box calf bags, I thought I better play safe and ask first. It should be like giving yourself a moisturising treatment, no?

    How often can you use this cream/oil? And does it help to bring out the patina? :nuts: Is it possible to use too much, and leave behind bad residue?

    I'd ever asked my local H store for recommendation of a cream/oil for 'patina enhancement' for my box calf and they told me there is absolutely nothing. Maybe they are afraid I would make a mess of it!:shame:
  11. I think the H store always gives the same anwser, they dont't want take any risk of that, so for the reason I *NEVER* try it on my bags