John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

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    I'm posting this here because I was very shocked at his response to those who apparently made comments on his hairline on twitter.

    John Legend received the BET Humanitarian award last night at the 2010 BET Awards. BET observed John Legend’s selfless acts while the rest of the world observed his jacked up hairline and made it a trending topic.

    if you must:

    see what he said:


    congrats on the award, but boo to that immature response.
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  2. LOL! I never noticed
  3. neither have I before this. He really brought the attention
  4. I never noticed either. haha.

    I liked his speech.
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  6. He looks good. Handsome man... :shrugs:
  7. lol- I never noticed either. Now thats the only thing that I'm going to notice....geez, thanks John.
  8. I never noticed this, I think his twitter response was a bit childish though-don't feed it, let it starve!
  9. i never noticed his hairline either, and i think its funny as hell that it looks as if his barber took a chunk out and just left it like, according to him, that makes me less smart, good looking, and successful. :rolleyes: i think it was real immature of him to even let something like that bother him. he felt the need to comment on something so childish because no one really pays him any attention any other time.
  10. ^^^Right on!
  11. ^^^^^^ I've never noticed until I saw the show. I was like "wait a second. Why did he leave the barber like that??" I agree his rant was childish, it's like a little boy being picked on by his school-aged peers. And it comes with the territory. Twitter is a little childish, and if I were a star I wouldn't have one. Just maintain my own fan site.
  12. U gotta read Michael on DListed, he commented on it about how it looked like someone took a chunk out of his hair line.
  13. LOL his tweets are funny
  14. It's ok John- have you seen Naomi's hairline?
  15. His response was very childish...he should've just ignored the comments. I'm not going to lie though, I've been cracking up over all the jokes about his hairline.