John Krasinski on The Office

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  1. ...Otherwise known as my future husband :amuse: j/k.
    Seriously though, how cute is he? Does anyone watch The Office? I'm always at school when its on, but after watching the episodes on iTunes, it's become my favorite show. Pam and Jim are adorable...

    Apparently John graduated from Brown as a honors playwright. That's so appropriate; I totally pictured him as a smart guy IRL too.
  2. I LOVE the British Office. :smile:

    The American one is funny too, but I never can seem to catch it when it's on.
  3. I love the British episodes better, we have a differant sense of humor I guess, cos I just dont think the American show is funny.
  4. I may be the only one who's only seen the American. Hmm, I want to check out the British one now, everyone says it is even better...
  5. no, I've only seen the American one too. But I think that show is brilliant.
  6. I love that show!!! I laugh out loud. I have not seen the British version, but I love British humor, so I'm sure I would love it, too.
  7. I love both of them. The American version is easily the best comedy on tv right now, by a lot.
  8. I agree... just the lack of a laugh track is a great relief, IMO...