John Hardy Naga Dragon necklace

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  1. Anyone here own this necklace... is call the Naga collection and it is the Dragon. It so beautiful and it is very heavy. I wonder if it is sturdy. IF anyone own this please share your thoughts.
  2. I don't have this necklace, but I have strongly hinted to DH that I want something from this collection. I love the earrings that have the head on the post and the body curls into a s-shape, the bracelets, especially the one with the head and tail coming together to make a very wide bangle and the double head bracelet.
    And the naga scale bangles...........

    PLease share pics if you get something!
  3. I haven't seen this line, any pics?
  4. I have seen some of the pieces IRL. They are beautiful; some of the larger pieces have beautiful designs like bonsai, Oriental garden bridge, pagoda, even ladies on the inside.
  5. what a lovely collection