John Hardy Bracelet Suggestion

  1. If the forum allows, I would like to share my little story.

    I picked this Bracelet from TJMaxx for $170 (tax included). It was kept in the section with all designer stuff. It also had the tag "Bali Couture". I was under impression it was John Hardy. The lady gave me the original JOHN HARDY Packaging. At home, I realised that it looked different from the 'real' John Hardy Bracelets given on websites, so I did my research on the internet. I found that Bali Couture does exist and the website looks like it makes original Sterling Silver stuff.

    The Bracelet looks pretty no doubt. If it were a John Hardy $170 was a steal, but paying for some random Silver Bracelet $170 is OK? I am confused. Should I keep it or let it go. It looks pretty close to a John Hardy one though...

    Any suggestions, tips welcome. The Bracelet is marked 18k and something else that I cannot read.



    I am working on changing the size of pic. Sorry for the huge photos.
  2. Well, if you thought & hoped it was a John Hardy, how disappointed are you that it is not?
    Do you still like the bracelet since it is not John Hardy?

    Personally, I would return it since I am not familiar with Bali Couture and $170 is too much for me to spend on non-branded silver.
  3. John Hardy has/had a 'Bali' line, though I haven't seen that particular bracelet before, but there were a lot of different pieces made. I have quite a few JH bracelets, but they are not quite like this one, so I can't say re authenticity. For sterling silver plus a few little YG accents with that workmanship, I don't think it's too bad a price. JMO
  4. that would be a bit much for silver bracelet, especially if you are not sure its authentic
  5. I liked the design first, then came to know it was John Hardy. $170 was a steal because honestly I always think the original price of John Hardy, Lagos or David Yurman is just Over priced.

    Now that the John Hardy tag is missing, the regular silver Bracelet for $170 seems bit steep. I do not deny the fact that its very well made and looks pretty.:smile:

    It is weighs decently, though I don't know the weight of most of my silver stuff...

    I will still wait for some more suggestions from you all...TPF usually affects my decision...:p:p
  6. I would return it. I am a Hardy devotee and I'm am really not sure of the authenticity. The clasp looks really off. I suppose you could make an argument that it's still silver and therefore a nice bracelet, but I don't think I'd trust the quality of something that was likely fake.

    Too much money to not be sure.
  7. If you love the bracelet, keep it. The only difference between Hardy's jewelry and other jewelry made in Bali is the Hardy trademark. I have quite a few Hardy pieces as well as non-Hardy pieces I purchased when I visited Bali in 2002. The same artisans work on all the jewelery produced in Bali, so the quality of workmanship is the same.

    I have a bracelet I purchased in Bali for about $40 that is every bit as beautiful as a Hardy. It has the workmanship, the weight and the same quality stones. It simply lacks the Hardy name.

    As an aside, much of the jewelry produced in Bali (including Hardy's pieces) comes from Ubud, a town that specializes in jewelry artisanship. Your bracelet was likely made there.
  8. I'm pretty sure it's not John Hardy, but I would take it to a jewelry store and just ask them to do a free appraisal of the metals and craftsmanship. If what you paid is about what it's appraised for or less, I would keep it. If not, return it.

    I can tell you though, that all of these style of bracelets almost always use .925 silver and 18k gold and are all crafted and molded the same way, so although it may not be John Hardy marked, I can almost guarantee you it's made the same way so paying more for a John Hardy bracelet means you're simply paying more for the name.
  9. This thread is sort of old but I just bought the same bracelet at TJ Maxx. I knew it wasn't John Hardy - it wasn't represented to be. The salesperson told me the name of the designer but I honestly couldn't understand her because of her accent. I thought I could just research it online at home.

    I was planning on getting another JH bracelet soon and when I saw this one I thought it felt like the same quality but looks less white, more black than the JH I wear every day.

    My question is, knowing it's not a "name" designer but still looks pretty is it worth the $159 I paid or not? For a bit more I could have a JH. I'm not so worried about the designer name aspect but just don't want to be a sucker and pay that much for a silver bracelet if that's too high.

    Also the slight difference in color - it's noticeable to me but maybe not so much to anyone else. But would that bother you enough to not wear them together - in which case I should return it and get a JH. I'm guessing the JH must be rhodium plated to be that white? Never really thought about that before...

    TIA for any opinions.

  10. I've noticed pieces from Bali Couture popping up at TJ Maxx as well. In my humble opinion, they rival those of Samuel Behnam, Hardy and others who I'd be willing to bet are using the same artisans! Their gemstones are very nicely saturated. I appreciate the "bang for the buck" you get with this line.
  11. Hi all, my name is Ketut Deni and I am the bali artisan who makes that bracelet. Regarding the quality, I can guarantee the quality of the bracelet. It used 925 sterling silver and 18K gold accents. The chain's name is Tulang Naga (Dragon Bone) which found hundred years ago on Java island, and it is 100% handmade. JH try to copyright these tulang naga chain but all balinese artisan fight for that, we fight on the courts, and we won. I was work as JH designer for severals years, work as jewelry designers as a freelancer for Samuel B manufacturer here, and many more. But now I try to build own company with my partner.. and that is the story why Bali Couture now is getting pop out.

    Anyway, I will give lifetime guarantee for all Bali Couture products. If you have something broken, just send me email, take the picture of the product, send to Bali with DHL and mark as repair goods and no value, I will repair it, send again with DHL, and done. Regarding the price... I can not say anything. I'm just the artisan with small manufacturer in Bali.

    Anyway, I'm happy to see my product in this forums. I wish I can go to USA someday and selling my product under my name. Sorry for my bad english..
  12. I think all said you got a great bracelet at a great price. Hardy, Yurman, Coin all pretty, all over priced. I own them, but I would feel good about owning that bracelet. If I thought my TJ Max had it I'd go buy it.
  13. This looks very similar but it looks like this one has diamond(s).
  14. Bali Couture Bracelet has 12 pcs diamond and clear white quality. We have different motif on the clasp, same tulang naga chain oval 4x6. Thanks