John Galliano does not look right

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  1. Ok, I understand you need to act crazy, look crazy and overall just... be crazy in order to make it in the fashion biz, but Galliano just scares me in that picture below. :wacko:

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  2. You know the guy that you don't want to meet in a dark alley at night?

    ^That's him!^
  3. Yikes :lol:
  4. I agree with you Vlad! Maybe he's having a mid life crisis! :blink: :P
  5. Umm.... no wonder some of his designs are sooo out there!! Look at the man?!?!
  6. he's the male donatella. those two would make one freaky couple...
  7. He looks like AJ from BSB, on a really bad day. LOL
  8. i looooove john galliano.
    i love his clothes, together with vivienne westwood, mc queen and chalayan he is my favourite designer!
  9. Rocker meets Pirates! Yikes! His facial hair looks like it is drawn on.
  10. Doesn't he always look like that?
  11. he is gorgeous!
    i just adore him!
  12. I agree with Inky Paws, his facial hair does look they were drawn. Yikes, he looks really bad on this picture. I have seen other pics, and he looks ok
  13. The Manolo (of Manolo's Shoe Blog ) refers to Galliano as the "funky little fashion troll". :P
  14. I saw this pic in a mag and thought OMG! He is um, different looking but I LOOOOVE his designs. He seriously reminds me of a pirate.