John Frieda's Luminous Hair Gloss

  1. After hearing about this product on the Oprah show, I decided to give it a try. I applied the product to dry hair and rinsed it out after 30 minutes. It made my hair feel much softer, but I haven't noticed the shine yet. The bottle says, "hair will intensify with shine the more you use it."

    Has anyone else tried this product?
  2. Are you referring to the clear gloss or tinted gloss?

    I've tried the tinted one, very slight color effect but the shine is incredible. I use it to cover grays and those strands are still white just coated with a very barely there golden tint. I used their Brilliant Brunette (Chestnut-Espresso) their darkest brown and left it on longer than recommended, yet so little color effect.
  3. I have jet black hair and used the clear gloss. Didn't notice any shineyness with the first use.
  4. even after it dried you didnt notice any change?

    that is probably one of those products with after continued use, you see the difference. like my hair and Frederick Fekkai
  5. Maybe you have nice hair texture already? :p
    My hair is dry therefore the effects on first usage is pretty obvious. After about 3 uses my hair seems softer too.

    I've stopped using after a bottle because I think there's something in there that builds up on hair, like the way Pantene does, because my scalp started itching three-quarts way through the bottle. I have since been using L'oreal Vive Pro gloss conditioner instead.
  6. I'm using the tinted color glaze (chestnut / expresso brown) and have liked the current results.

    Thanks for the info on the clear one!! Can't wait to try that one. :smile:
  7. I used it but I didn't really notice any difference.
  8. Have you ever tried Frizz Ease serum??
    It's GREAT!
  9. I use it all the time and think it works great!
  10. I used the espresso tinted one and it was a nightmare...

    It turned my hair into a greasy mess and my hair never gets greasy! It only made my hair about half a shade darker until I washed it again, at which point it was less greasy but back to its original shade. However, my hands and my shower were stained a lovely shade of poo brown for about a week :push:
  11. Yeah it stained my hands too, though I made sure the transfer from hand to head was quick enough! Funny I get the same gloss effect when I use L'oreal's Vive Pro Gloss conditioner, minus the itch. When my Lush shampoo runs out I'm going to buy Vive Pro Gloss shampoo!
  12. I will have to give this a try! Thanks! ;)
  13. I've tried some of the products and wasn't impressed at all. :tdown:
    The frizz ease made my hair feel very greasy. :cursing: Way way to heavy.

    I went back to Kerastase.
  14. I tried Kerastase and I did like it. It made my hair lifeless and limp though.:sad:
  15. That's the problem with beauty products. :yes: What will work for one won't work for all. :shrugs: