John Frieda Brilliant brunette lustrous touch soothing shampoo

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  1. As many of my wonderful PF beauty girls, recommended this product, I went and got it today, HOWEVER.. now that I am thinking about it, my hair has caramel highlights in it. Will this make my color oxidize and look too light faster than I want?
  2. bump
  3. Itchy on my scalp to the point I don't care about color nor shine anymore.
  4. Hey, I doubt the shampoo will oxidize it. I think it is just supposed to enhance what is already there. Well that is at least what I heard.
  5. ok cool. I have used it before, but I didn't have any highlights then.
  6. Had the same results, so I switched to Ojon Shine Shampoo:smile:
  7. Thanks Ladies, but where are all the people who recommended this product to me?