John Cusack need a restraining order.....

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  1. He filed for a temporary restraining order Friday against a Los Angeles woman whom he claims has been showing "unusual interest" in him. Emily Leatherman, a 32year old transient with no known address, is accused of 'stalking, throwing long letters of interest over (his) fence in bags with rocks and screwdrivers inside, making unannounced visits to offices of people (he works) with in an attempt to meet with (him) and listing (his) address as her own during a recent address'. 'Mail addressed to her has been arriving at my residence without my permission', 'I have never met this person' Cusack stated.
    Cusack requested that she be forced to stay at least 500 feet away from his home, workplace and even his car.

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  2. Well, he is pretty adorable. :love: Heck, I'll stalk him too! :graucho:
  3. Hiaks hiaks hiaks!!!

    I agree. He IS cute.
  4. a man has to do what a man has to do!
  5. When I first read the title of this thread I thought who would file a restraining order against John Cusak? Anyway, now I see that he's the one that filed the order.

    I think he's adorable. I would stalk him:love:
  6. He's my childhood crush :shame:
  7. I loved him in PUSHING TIN!
    He is a cutie!!
  8. He's cute..:love: :love:
  9. I agree with leglin, when I read the title, I thought, gosh I wouldn't mind being stalked by John Cusack! I really :love: :heart: :love: him!
  10. Can't blame a girl for trying!! ;)
  11. This story would be 10,000x's better if the stalker was standing under his window with a boombox blaring "In Your Eyes".

    It's Lloyd Dobler, if you're going to stalk him, it should be a written rule that that's a requirement.
  12. He is my all-time favorite actor. Will see ANYTHING that he appears in. Love him, love him, love him.
  13. I have an "unusual interest" in him too!!! Ever since I named my finch Lloyd (after Lloyd Dobler), I've always been obsessed with him!!
  14. I would like him to restrain me ;)
    gorgeous man!
  15. Ohhh I am still in love!:P