John and Jessica back in Miami

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    John Mayer and Jessica Simpson continue their tour of the Sunshine State in Miami on Friday. After Mayer's concert date in Jacksonville, the duo, who were in town earlier this week, rolled in on Mayer's tour bus at 4 a.m. and checked into the Four Seasons Hotel.

    Guys, do you think they are dating for REAL or is this just a publicity stunt?
  2. I think they're for real, if it was for publicity surely she would've picked someone hotter!
  3. Did she just walk out in her PJs?
  4. Why is she wearing her robe outside? These people love attention.
  5. Looks like a swim suite cover-up. I think she looks great!
  6. Hmm... I don't really like her little swim suit cover up... :s
  7. Whether it's a robe, a "dress," or a cover-up, it's pretty hideous. I find it hard to believe she is going to the pool/beach in those shoes (also hideous).
  8. I'm not sure if this is real or not, It may be one of those relationships that is trying to justify itself as real because everybody was already talking about it.
  9. She TOTALLY looks like a pron star on her way to the set. . . and her lips look WAY bigger. . . almost going to trip over that bottom one!
  10. She looks horrid - see even JM is keeping his distance.
  11. yeah! look at john mayer :p
  12. ITA!!
  13. I think she looks great too....and John is clearly walking behind her on the phone....not trying to avoid her because of what she's wearing!! Jeez!! LOL

    They don't have to be attached at the hip in order to be in a happy relationship!!

  14. OMG Swanky, you're so right. She does look like a porn star between takes!:yucky:
  15. what on earth is she wearing??!?!