John 5's Collection [Mainly LV]

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  1. Very cool items you got there ^_^
  2. i looove your cerises!
  3. Sexy collection stud!
  4. i love the LV skull cap!! really want one now!
  5. great collection! love the suhali
  6. You have a great collection! I think your beanie is just too cute! :love:
  7. thise D&G sunnies are hot
  8. wow, this guy's hip :graucho: !
  9. I like the collection.
    Is this everything you have? I would have figured you owned most of the boutique! ;)
    I really like the accessories you have, it has helped to give me something to show my boyfriend that men CAN wear and use LV! very nice!

    Your panda is lovely, may I inquire as to how you use him? I see a lot of ladies hanging him off their purse, but im curious how a guy uses it!
  10. love your collection!
  11. love your accessories! :smile: i hadnt seen an LV knit hat before i love it!!!!
  12. Will u be my boyfriend?
  13. Photo: Yeah, that's everything I have... I've only been an LV lover for a few years... I also have an Abbesses but is currently being used by my sis. I use my Panda Cles mainly as a keychain, but that was a big mistake. He got dirty fast. So I'm going to use him mainly to hang off of the next messenger bag I get next, hopefully a Tanger or Bosphore Messenger GM.

    xhollie: Ha ha ha... Sorry, but I play on the boys team. ;)

    Thanks everyone for the comments! :love:
  14. Nice! great LV collection.
  15. Adorable things!!!! :heart: