John 5's Collection [Mainly LV]

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  1. HOT collection
  2. Nick is my can tell you love him :yes:
  3. Love your photos (nice display) and I love Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses they're light and stylish.

  4. You have a great collection.

    And yes - you do have amazing LV knowledge!
  5. BEAUTIFUL!!! Love your collection!!
  6. John, your collection is adorable!
    I love them all!!!
  7. I just added these two items to my collection:


  8. Nice collection. My fave would have to be the beanie.:heart:
  9. Nice new Epi Billfold John! Congrats!!:yes:
  10. :nuts: OMG! Your accessories are to die for!!! You have such great taste John!! I want your Panda clef!!!!!:drool:
  11. Great collection.
  12. Ooopsie. I forgot to update on here...

    I exchanged the black Epi Wallet and got these black Obsession sunglasses instead:


  13. I also purchased this black Suhali Cles from Rebeccalou28 on eBay:


  14. Your collection is fantastic! I love the suhali cles, very classy.
  15. wow suhali!!! love it!