Jogging w/ a miniature pony!!

  1. I had dropped my kids off at a playdate and was driving home when I did a doubletake. A woman was jogging w/ one of those small mini pony's on a leash!! :blink: At first I thought maybe my eyes deceived me and it was a Great Dane, so I turned around and sure enough it was a horse!!! Why not, I guess!
  2. :nuts: Hmmm, well that's different!
  3. Wow, I would have had to do a double take also. I guess mini horses need exercise too. If I was walking or out jogging and saw that I think I would have a look of aww/confusion/amazement on my face.
  4. That's the best thing I've ever heard!!!

    When I have a field of miniature ponies I shall run through it with them. Ok, not the same thing...
  5. I have a full-size horse, and I go jogging and walking with him ALL OF THE TIME!! I have 2 chihuahuas, so taking them long distances isn't feasible. Sunny loves when I take him...I do get alot of strange looks though!! LOL