Joey TV

  1. do you like this show? i watched the first season and it was "ok"! i like "joey" a lot but i think he was better in friends....

    compared to "friends" "joey tv" is just not good.

    i miss friends:crybaby:
  2. I didn't love Joey but I watched it religiously just because I was really into Friends, and Joey was the closest to Friends.
  3. i only caught a few episodes because i don't have cable, but i found the joey character pretty one dimentional to carry a whole sitcom. too bad the others had other things they wanted to persue...i think following one of the couples would have made for a stronger spinoff....although frasier worked really well and there was no couple in that one.

    ooooh they should've followed gunther!! how fun could that have been? (if done well of course)
  4. it's not as funny as friends, and i only laugh because it's joey from friends. his sister is kinda annoying though