Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher are back together again

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  1. weird... just plain weird.
  2. i saw this on "the insider".. the whole thing seems shockingly sick, weird, twisted.. they're beyond insane!!
    its just scary to me how people can be so crazy
  3. :blink:

    OMG! not a reality t.v. show too!!??? thats it. I'm throwing away my t.v.
  4. I saw Mary Jo interviewed by Larry King tonight. She is a class act. It makes me SICK that these two people are going to profit from what was a MURDER attempt on this poor lady. It is obvious that Amy was manipulated by this a-hole to commit the crime in the first place and now she's back with him??!

  5. Oh good grief that is beyond insane.

    Yep, I'll admit I remember the whole thing well. Mary Jo's shooting happened on my 25th b-day!! waaaaaaa
  6. wasn't there an interview with all 3 of them not too long ago where Joey was yelling at Amy and calling her a ***** for shooting his wife? And both Amy and Mrs. Buttafoowhatever were hugging each other and she was forgiving Amy and Amy was saying she hated Joey? What the hell was that all about?
  7. I Can't Even Believe I'm Reading This.....Some Wacky Stuff.

    Amy Seemed So Happy With Her Marriage, Kids & Life....I'm Shocked.

    ***Those Two On Reality TV....There's Nothing Left For Reality.....But, I Know I'll Watch It!!!!
  8. i remembered there was an exclusive on ET on Amy, Joey and his ex wife last year. and it was clear that amy and joey both hated each other then, and amy's husband was present too, who looked like joey too. so strange, i thought that everyone went on different paths and now they are together???
  9. ^ I didn't see them on ET. I Saw Her On A Friday Night, Possibly 20/20??? She Was Promoting A Book. Her Husband Was Older....I Can't Remember, Too Much More, From That Interview.

    I Can't Wait To Hear More!!!
  10. Oh Roo! Say it isn't so!:wtf:

    Can't think of a better example of two people who deserve each other.:nogood:
  11. WTF!!Ooookay I've entered the twilight zone!
  12. Ohhhh lord...