Joe's Jeans The Muse

  1. I wanted to order a pair online and was wondering if anyone can tell me how the sizing compares to sevens and citizens. TIA.
  2. Both my Seven's and Joe's Jeans The Muse are size 29's.

    I love my Joe's Muse!
  3. I wear the same size in Joe's Muse that I wear in SFAM and COH (26).

    I love the Muse! Great pair of jeans!
  4. Hi! I actually found that they run big. I wear 27, 28 in 7fam, and I wear a size 26 in the Muse.
  5. I also have to agree that they run big; I wear a 24 in Citizens and Sevens and Joe's Jeans Muse in a 24 were practically falling off of me, especially around the thigh area.
  6. I find that 7FAM and Joe's run about the same on me. Do the Joe's end up stretching after they are washed? TIA!
  7. I think Joe's in general runs larger, I always size down.
  8. thanks everyone, I ordered a pair yesterday, it should be here this week! I hope they fit!
  9. I think that they run just a tad bigger than both sevens and citizens, in my experience.
  10. i actually find them to run quite big (and strech) but if you get the right siz,e i love them - for reference, i wear a 27 in citizens/paige/jbrand and my muses are 25s
  11. I would suggest going a size down. They stretch out pretty well and they end up feeling too loose if you don't.
  12. Hi I have a question regarding Joe's Jeans-The Rocker.

    I'm 5'4" so I have to get them hemmed..I've never bought Joe's so I'm not sure about how they wear/shrink etc.

    Usually I wash cold, dry low and then get hemmed. Most my denim is great didn't shrink in length, etc except for Citizens so now years later I'm still wary.

    I would like to know how much do you think Joe's jeans shrink in length or in the waist when dried in the dryer on a low setting-and if they did, do they stretch back out after wearing them?

  13. They run a little big. I have a pair of Joe's Jeans the Muse in size 30, and my COH Kellys and Ambers are both size 31.

    They are super comfy and have a great leg line!! I hope you love them too!!
  14. Joe's fit great. I have several pair. They all get put in the dryer on high. None have shrunk.
  15. they run a little big but boy I love them! I am a good, solid 31 in Joe's. They do stretch out when you wear them, which I don't mind so much.