Joe's Jeans or Blue Cult

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  1. you know how you measure yourself for a pair of jeans, and you try a bunch but the numbers are all different? according to measuring tape my waist is a 24", hips like a 33", i've given up on buying disel becuase if i order nothing fits, and if i order the next size its huge. in miss sixty im comfortably a 25" so does anyone know what size to buy a pair of Joe Jeans or Blue cult? I went through a period of pure comfort for the past couple of years, but now i'd like to add a couple, any suggestions?
  2. i'm a huge fan of paige jeans. joe's fit well, but it depends on the cut. i buy a 24, the 25s are usually too big on me as well. you really need to try them on at the stores. because not every pair is cut the same, and even if it's a 24, might not look good because it could be baggy in the butt.
  3. Hi! I work in a designer boutique that sells Joe's Jeans (I think my employment *might* contribute a bit to my handbag obsession!) and I find that most Joe's cuts run a hint big. The Socialites seem pretty true to size (order what you'd order in Miss Sixties) but the Lover, the Muse, and the Honey are all cut a bit more generously. I love Joe's because they seem designed to fit curvy girls :smile: With your hip to waist ratio I'd definitely try them, they'd work better than a pair of Citizens or Sevens, which tend to have larger waists. I haven't worked with Blue Cults much, but I'd definitely recommend Joe's!
  4. I own a lot of citizens, sevens, and blue cults, and the blue cults I think flatter one's body wonderfully. They run pretty true to seven sizing, but maybe a little bigger, so I would try them on in the stores first.
  5. I tried on a pair of Blue Cults once that fit great. They were very flattering and comfortable. I ended up buying a pair of Juicy Couture jeans, but I regret not getting the Blue Cults, too. The wash was perfect :love:
  6. i knew i asked the right people! thanks all really appreciate it.
  7. I definitely think you should try to find a store and try them on. I see that you are in NJ...if you are in Northern Jersey, you should try some of the department stores like Bloomies, Neiman's, and Nordstrom (perhaps Short Hills)...great selection to choose from. If you are in Central or Southern Jersey, you might want to try a boutique like Zoe in Princeton, or Smith Bros. (they have several outposts) who carry some nice jeans as well. Every pair does fit differently...I recently purchased 2 pairs of True Religion jeans in the same size, but when i got home and tried them one, one was noticeable looser than the other.
  8. I absolutely LOVE love love Joe's Jeans! They are so frickin' comfortable!!! Blue Cult I agree has some of the best washes, I am not a big fan of Diesel (I only know 2 people who fit in these perfectly and they are both a size 2) and not too keen on 7 for all mankind (screwed up name). AG jeans are another great fitting sharp jeans! I am a mere 5'4'' gal, and can I please gripe about the grueling long process I have to go thru just to get them hemmed with the "original seam" (dept. stores sometimes charge an arm and a leg for this option), these brands mentioned certainly don't cater well to short people :suspiciou
  9. Since we are on the topic of jeans maybe some of you younger woman can help me...

    My daughter is very petite BUT curvy! She used to be able to wear Gap Classic Ankle cut and they fit perfectly, but they changed their cut somewhat and now they don't fit her right. :huh:

    She is right at 5', 115 lbs. She has a small waist and curvy hips...

    Any tips on what jeans might fit her well?

    I have never heard of the jeans you girls are talking about but I don't wear jeans...

    My daughter has tried Gap, Ralph Lauren, Liz, Calvin Kleins, Eddie Bauer and more I am sure..
  10. i know the same deliema, im 5 5" 105lbs and have wide hips in ratio of my waist 24::33 so it sounds like your daughter is a smaller version of me, miss sixty has some nice jeans, but the only problem is i have a flat ass lol so if shes curvy, they should compliment her perfectly, 7 for all mankind dont really work on our body types, everyones told me joes jeans are great, the muse and the provacteur, im going either next week or something to go pick em up, ill see how it fits and get back to you.
  11. dont really concentrate about the length yet, unless shes really into washes, becuase odds are shell have to hem them, just leave like 2 inches more in case she wanted to dress them up, and can were heels with them, and then during the day she can just let them go or fold it up, so you have versatile looks in one. thers a company called paper cloth and denim that make great jeans too.
  12. I'm lucky. I'm 5'0.5" and ALWAYS have to hem, even to go w/ heels, but my mom sews.
  13. For anyone interested, they have a guide on how jeans fit different sized girls on
  14. How about short length jeans? I'm 5'2" on a tall day. Also am too old to wear super low-rise jeans (though like a cut that hits just below the waist). Right now, the only brand I can find that fits me really well are Chico's Platinum Marquis.
  15. Look for jeans with a short inseam. I found a pair of Sevens on ebay with a 27 inch inseam - good for sneakers. Some brands, like at Pac Sun, come in short lengths. However, those brands are made with really stretchy fabric, and I like the ones without lycra/spandex/etc.
    Or just wear lots of high heels. I loooove high heeled boots.

    I've heard of fat days, but never tall days!