Joe's Jeans for $69 at

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  1. #1 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
  2. Sigh.... I tried to have Nordies price match with this because these designer sale websites are so tricky (I just got lured into the purchase of an ugly pair of sunnies on Ideeli because I thought I was reserving them for 5 minutes!). However, Nordies said they cannot honor the price match because these sales are not open to the public. I never tried to price match before, so I didn't know how those worked. Oh well! Love Joes Jeans though.. their petite pants are genius!
  3. i bought 2 pairs!
  4. Gah, I cracked! Can't resist a sale on these jeans as they are hard to come by and rarely do designers cater to ppl with legs that are shorter than 34''!!

    Came back to tell you all, use coupon code "CUSTSERV10" to save $10 off!!

    It worked, and shipping is just $7.95, compared to Ideeli's traumatizing $10 for a pair of sunglasses (yes, I'm still bitter about that). No tax too!
  5. ^ awesome! thx for the code.. just ordered a pair of skinny jeans!
  6. I just bought 2 pairs... Thanks!!!
  7. I love Joe's Jeans :smile: used the code and I had a $10 credit on my account... in total everything came to $57!

    I got the cigarette jeans in the dark blue color... almost got the chelsea skinnies but I changed my mind at the last minute :smile:
  8. I've found price matching to be hit or miss, you really just have to ask since it never hurts to ask. Nordies has the best CS of all the dept stores by far, from my experience. They've let me return so many things in weird cases (6 months later, mis tailored, no receipt, etc, etc). They're sales aren't as extreme, but they are always super nice and accommodating.
  9. I am size 25 in J-brand and don't know what size should I get? Can anyone tell me? thanks!!!
  10. I got the Black Wool coat. I love Joe's jeans too, they fit my bootie uh I mean body well too. Didn't know about that $10 off though.
  11. I'm totally going to check it out right now! Thanks!
  12. Wow! Thanks!!
  13. They need a new photographer. The photos are so dark.
  14. ^^I totally agree!

    Great price on the jeans!
  15. Thanks for the code!! orders shipped to CA will be charged sales tax