Joe's Jeans for $34.98 @ SmartBargains!!!

  1. Thanks! I just ordered a pair of the black and a pair of socialites- plus got $25 off for using paypal!
  2. $103 including shipping!
  3. how do the black skinny jeans fit? I have a pair of joes but theyre not skinny jeans, and I hate buying things online, but its such a great price...
  4. I don't know, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. i have a pair of chelseas and they fit like other joe's jeans, which means that they're a little big. you should probably go a size down from your size in sevens or citizens. the chelseas are also really really tight... like skin tight through the leg.
  6. Thanks for the info.
  7. my size is gone :tdown:
  8. Wow, great deal!!!! Thanks for the post.
  9. WOW! Score! :yahoo:$54.91!!! :wtf: Including shipping and the Paypal discount! :tup:
  10. How to get the $25off? is it automatically subtract when I choose paypal payment??