Joel's maiden voyage

  1. Some of you might remember I bought a black Joel recently. I took it out for the first time today and I am really pleased. It's comfortable to wear and it holds a lot more than I thought. I got into it: Mulberry purse; lip balm; mobile; paperback book; Syndol tablets and some knitting needles (don't ask!). There was room for more, too.

    I'm going to a gig tonight (The Damned!!) and I shall be using Joel then - perfect for concerts.

    Here are some pics of Joel in action. Please excuse my fat a*se and my shockingly dusty mirror :shame: ETA I am 5'8" to give you an idea of proportions.


  2. Hi -looks good! and bigger than i expected! Could you tell me how wide the strap is and whether it's comfy once the bag is loaded up as it were! sounds like it'll hold more than the antony. i may have to consider a black joel rather than an antony!!!!
  3. It looks great, and as you say - really practical for concerts and the like! :heart:

    Actually, it looks bigger than I remembered too. I'm only 5'4, and i'm sure the oak one I tried felt smaller than that :confused1:
  4. Oooooooh, it looks lovely - much bigger than I thought. I'd assumed it was the same size as the Antony.

    You don't appear to have a fat @rse at all - you look great in your pic.

    *dita wanders off to check out Chaz's post to see how much Joels are going for at Cheshire Oaks* :lol:
  5. agirlinwinter - you look fab and I love the bag. I'm 5'8" too so thanks for the pic!! It is quite a lot bigger than I thought it would be !!
  6. Hi all,

    I measured the bag for you to give an excact size. When lying flat it measures 26cm x 25 cm.

    The strap is 2.5cm in width. I've got it on the first hole, which hangs comfortably at my hip. If you are a bit shorter, you might need to get another hole punched into the strap.

    Jo, I found it comfortable. Messenger bags usually hurt my shoulder and neck, but the beauty of this one is that you can't load it with too much staff, as its not big enough. It's good for me to downsize, actually - I usually carry loads of stuff I don't need.
  7. Sod the bag!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Damned!!!!!!!!!

    (it is gorgeous though and suits your height beautifully!!! an don't worry about your dusty mirror,you should see my house,I'm married to an eczema sufferer,it like having a gazillion snakes shedding constantly!!!!!)
  8. You look fabulous - regarding the knitting needles is that what's considered "packing" where your from :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. Yay, another fan of The Damned!! Makes me laugh - my friend from work, her husband and I are going tonight. All three of us are librarians, not your average Damned fans I'll wager :nuts:

    riffraff, you don't know how close you are - I live in a fairly *ahem* rough place. I went out this morning with no make up on, hair that needed washing scraped back into a ponytail, a parka and scruffy old uggs and I still looked better than a lot of the residents. I bought the knitting needles because I am taking up knitting again - exciting, aren't I? :wlae:
  10. OO, Rat Scabies!! I always thought he was quite cute!!!!:graucho: But not as cute as Captian Sensible!!! LOL!!!!!!!!

    Must admit though I'm more of a Stranglers lass myself!!!
  11. Joel enjoyed the concert v much. Chaz, I rubbed shoulders with the Captain in the bar. David Vanian (lead singer) is still swoonsome :graucho:
  12. the joel looked just right for your height! I am only 5' so this one would overwhelm me...

    I'm glad it worked perfect for you. Very refined looking messenger bag.
  13. OOOO,I'm sooooooooo there in my head right now!!! Did they do Eloise?? I know they got slated for that from their die hard fans for selling out,but its still a good one!!
  14. LOve your bag and it also looks great on you.

    Love Plain jane`s comment about bags overwhelming her, I can so relate to this ,

    With so many of Mulberries bags I just look like the Postman on his round !!!
  15. Thanks for the comments on the bag. I'm very pleased with it and surprised at how much it holds. I managed to stuff a band t shirt in there as well as my other things last night. I think it might be my favourite Mulberry atm :yes:

    Chaz, they did Eloise, but they punked it up a bit. My ears are still ringing...