1. Does anyone own the Joel Messenger Bag? If so what do you think of it? I need a bag for weekends when I am out and about and want a one which would take my wallet, phone and glasses, tissues. Just wonered if this bag is big enough.
  2. The joel would be big enough for the essentials you want to carry. If you do a search one of the girls on here has a joel and posted piccies etc (i'll try and find it for you!)
  3. I got one for Christmas. I was a bit unsure when I first got it as it seemed small but now the leather has softened and it has 'stretched' a bit. I use mine as my school run, supermarket hands free bag and in it I have phone, wallet small make-up bag with tissues, lip gloss, paracetemol in and there is still room to spare. Also I like the fact that the strap has lots of holes in so you can choose just the right lenght for you.

  4. It's my fat arse in those pics!! I'm still loving my Joel. I went for a walk along the beach yday and took Joel. It carried my purse, camera phone, sunglasses, hairbrush, lip balm and keys comfortably. I'm really pleased with it.
  5. I've a Martha and that is a great hands-free messenger bag. They were going really cheap at the outlets around Christmas. Got my pink one for £49!
  6. Thanks for all your comments ladies! I think I will go for Joel. Will call the outlets today to see if they have one. My preference is Oak but since I have so many bags in the oak might go for black or chocolate.
  7. The one thing that put me off oak was that I wear jeans a lot and the dye from my jeans would transfer onto an oak Joel.
  8. I plan on getting an oak large messenger...maybe Brynmore or so. For some reason, not worried about color getting transferred. That's just me.
  9. Mine's oak - as yet I haven't worn it without a coat on yet - it is too cold here (in Austria) But I wanted an oak so I just figured that I would put masses of Colonil on and hope it protects it from jean colour transfer, -I will update you on this one .....