Joel messenger?

  1. Has anyone got a Joel messenger bag? If so, what do you think of it? I'm looking for a hands free bag, but I'd prefer one with a leather to a canvas strap. Thanks :tup:
  2. I'm thinking of getting one too. Love my Antony though!
  3. Thanks Jo. Do you find you can squeeze a fair bit into your Anthony? I carry loads of junk around with me.

  4. Not that much and i think the joel is a similar size. i can fit a fair size wallet , a coach wristlet thingy ( that DH bought me back from states that contains bit of make up nurofen , pen knife, mini maglite etc- I like to be prepared!!!)which is fairly flat in design, mobile + keys and sometimes a thin packet of baby wipes too if i'm with the kids but that's about it! i don't like to cram it to bursting!
  5. Thanks. I am looking for something to carry purse, keys, mobile and lip balm mainly. I get shoulder ache if I carry a heavy messenger bag, so I'm hoping something smaller will be better - and encourage me to carry less junk! I go to a few concerts throughout the year usually and I'd like something I can use then, too.

  6. i think joel would be perfect then! What colour are you thinking of- I'm torn between chocolate or black!
  7. Erm, I *might* have bought a black one :shame: I find that the dye from my jeans transfers to messenger bags, so I went for the sensible option.
  8. I'm in the market for a Joel too, either black or choc. I prefer a leather strap although I really like the shape of Antony.
    They had a couple of Joels at SM - a teal blue and a stone one, which was a soft sage colour. That was £97 and the blue one was £136. Apparently it's a popular bag and the outlets don't get that many in.
  9. I wonder if it's more popular with women as a hands free bag, even though it's in the 'man bag' section on the Mulberry website?
  10. I think you're right as there were quite a few women looking at the messengers and trying them on. At SM they'd put a few of them in with the women's bags.
  11. I think it's more of a womans bag personally. For the amount of stuff you can fit in it most blokes i know would just put their stuff in their pockets (ie wallet/ mobile)
    I'd avoid oak too as it would get colour transfer off your jeans (even though I love oak!!) Just can't decide between choc or black. I should be getting some John lewis vouchers for xmas that I could put towards one but I've never seen a joel in my local John Lewis!!
  12. There's very few men who would carry a messenger. I know my DH and his mates would look at me as if I'd grown two heads if I suggested they try one.
    I think I'll end up going for black as it'll go with everything but I did like the look of the stone one. Just know it would be grubby in no time though.
  13. I know what you mean. I bet it would look stunning in oak, but I've learned the hard way that my jeans and light coloured messenger bags do not mix! I am looking for something casual that I can fling on, for walks, shopping and concerts, so I thought the black would be best for me and I wouldn't have to baby it too much. I agree the choc is fab though :tup:

    I have been trying persuade OH to get a messenger bag and he loves Mulberry, so maybe I'll let him try in on (when I've confessed to buying another Mulberry of course, *ahem*).
  14. Any chance you could do some modelling pics???? ( in secret!)
  15. Oooh I don't know if I dare post pics here, what with my chunky thighs and all :sad: I'll see if I am feeling brave when it arrives...