Joel Kinnaman

  1. Just to let you know Snabba Cash and Snabba Cash II will be shown at the BFI London Film Festival next month.

    The films are billed under Easy Money and Easy Money II.

    If I'm not homeless by then I'll def go see the films.
  2. I'm not sure but didn't Artificial Eye buy the rights for the UK? So I guess they want to drum up some attention for the movies.
    Why you homeless? Did expensive London make you poor and hungry? :p
  3. The economy is crap at the moment. Especially in my industry. Let's hope I'll still have a roof over my head at least until after the film festival. I couldn't find the Snabby Cash in any of the DVD shops in Stockholm. Sooo annoying. ;)
  4. Snabby Cash .... hahahaha!! :p
    Yeah I have to say I didn't see it either but I didn't have to look intensely because they sell it here if I wanted to buy it.
    Well, that sucks. Being unemployed is never good. Hope things change quickly for you.
  5. Hahaha! Yeah I meant Snabba. ;) I'm actually self employed. Perhaps I need to get into the same biz as Joel's character in Snabba (Not Snabby) Cash. No recession in the world of crime.
  6. Well, you've got 4 weeks to practice. If you practice on a daily base you'll be hot as hell, got a fab workout and we'll be in - triple win!!!

    I don't like to brag about me, but I guess my german is almost as good as your english - even you can hear a slightly accent (a mix of Swedish and english) when I talk.
    Oh, just to get the record straight, I never had any doubt that you're capable of speaking English with them, it was just my chance to be a resaonable member of your entourage. I mean, Jennifer Lopez got a nippel-tweaker in her entourage,!

    Happy belated and thanks a bunch for getting the point and being with me.

    Well, we are living in difficulf times, so everyone has to immolate something and in this particular case it is for higher grounds and noble aims - so buck up! ;)
  7. But you're in a business you could also do in another country, theoretically speaking. Not so much for me. I'd have to learn something new. :smile:
    Well, you know what the Olsen Gang always said, "Crime never pays." :p
  8. Yeah but I also have a badly paid job to attend. It needs my full focus. I have no time to charm Swedish actors away from ... now I'm testing your German ... their Tussi. And I think you guys don't get my point. I'm talent-free when it comes to any kind of art might it be dancing, acting, singing, painting. There's nothing to get out of me and make profit with. Sorry.
    Maybe I could need someone fixing my hair on an hourly basis. This could be your entourage job. :biggrin:
  9. It hasn't been discussed here because it's about HER and her need for unjustified attention. And as I said before it's a thread about Joel not her. Joel is just poor collateral damage of her famewh*ring ways. But her obviously desperate attempt to get some recognition out of this relationship is hilarious.
  10. ^^That's your right. But don't be surprised if others on here don't discuss it. If we post every article his name gets mentioned in we'd be already on page 120.
  11. I don't like his hair at the moment. I loved the WOW hair. That was great. Currently you're seeing his receding hairline which would get covered up a bit with the WOW hair.
  12. I'm just gonna assume that she was hanging out with the Swedish Mafia in Stockholm this summer, before she took the P out of them on David Letterman. I hope they gave her shizz about it. I know I would have.
  13. Below are youtube links on the RoboCop set amateur spy videos of intense gun fight scenes, shot in the middle of the night on Sept 26th and the article itself, explaining the videos related to the story if you want an advanced glimpse, courtesy of

    And a article and a video link I can't paste, about another amateur spy video set scene and (tiny) spoiler, if you'd like to see. It takes a longer moment to upload.
  14. Oh, you put a hard one on me with that. But ok, I would say the english word chick and the swedish word tjej got the same meaning as the german word Tussi.

    For your entourage thing.....well, I might got some talents (even if I still not discovered any of them yet) but fixing hair is unfortunatly and definitely not a gift of mine. You really don't want me to do your hair because I still struggle with mine, believe me!
  15. No, not totally. Tussi is a bit stronger than chick. Tussis are basically the Paris Hiltons, Kim Kardashians of this world. You know, brainless chicks whose main purpose in life is to find the right handbag with the outfit (which is mostly pink or another atrocious color) and getting paid for not doing much. Or, alternatively, finding a rich man.

    Well, that's why I need someone doing my hair. I'm not able to do my own hair either. Can you at least do make-up?