Joel Kinnaman

  1. Haha. Oh God at him in the costume with the robe over it. Why is that necessary? The pics are out there already. Love to see the Holder Hair back. I still want him to play that character.
  2. Because those pics are from the same day. They probably thought the paps didn't catch him at the trailers. So they covered him up on the open street.
  3. Ahh that makes sense.
  4. So it seems Snabba Cash II was successful in Sweden since over 300 000 people watched it (I was one of them, yay). They decided to release it in another 21 countries mostly European but also Korea. :woohoo: :yahoo:
  5. joel-kinnaman-alex-murphy-robocop.jpg joel-kinnaman-robocop-alex-murphy.jpg joel-kinnaman-robocop2.jpg
  6. ^^Me likey. :graucho:
  7. There is a casting call for 'Snabba Cash 3', I translated it for you:


    This might be a great chance to get a little closser to the swedish Maffia and Joel. So, Bagberry, are we lucky to see you on the big screen soon?! :graucho: ;)
  8. Aww, sadly I have no experience in "exotic" dancing but am very comfortable in my panties. Though I actually have off from October 24th on I doubt Joel would be on set given he's still shooting RoboCop. And it's too cold in Sweden anyway to take off anything around this time of year. :p
    And Fares (as part of the Swedish mafia) wouldn't be in it anyway anymore and Joel's part is getting smaller in the third one so not worth my time.
  9. Oh come on Bag, don't be so vernünftig!

    Even if the guys won't be around while shooting, they will atend the premiere party!
    So, I insist you to take that trip to sweden, become the best and hottest extra stripper in movie history ever and atending the premiere party looking stunningly gorgeous so Joel will swoon all over you ........and I will be at your side as a 'german-swedish translator'.....well, just to use you as a 'stepping stone' to get closer to Gurra or Alex....or both of them because both are damn hot! :graucho: ;)
  10. It's not a case of being vernünftig but rather the fact that they wouldn't cast me because I'm unable to slide up and down a pole gracefully or take off my bra á la Pussycat Dolls. I'm neither Kate Moss


    nor this lady

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And let me feel free to question your German fluency before you screw up my once in a lifetime opportunity to offer Joel the part in my personal RoboC*ck movie. :graucho: Also I think I'm pretty capable of speaking English to them.
  11. I'm with Kayleigh on this one, Bag! You can get in the "Swedish Mafia inner circle" and let your forum friends be in your entourage at the premiere....Holla! :cool::coolio:
    And yes, Joel will get all swoony :loveeyes: over your hot bod, dump his oh too skinny gf, so 2 birds, one stone, baby!
    ANNDDD...everyone will bump into Alex at the party and SOMEONE will end up making out with him at the end of the night! :smooch:
    Do you understand the serious inplications of you not auditioning???!!! :sad::panic: Hee hee. :upsidedown:

    Sooo...I've been away partying since it was my birthday on Sunday, September 23rd!!!!!!! :balloon: :drinks: :jammin: (cue Swedish House Mafia mix)
    That meant I've extending my birthday from last Thursday til this Thursday and then off to NYC for work, poor me...yeah baby!!!!! :partyhat: :woohoo::wlae:
    Me: "Oh, I couldn't possibly drink that cocktail you just bought me!!!" ;) "Sure I can make time for you to take me out for dinner but sooo unnecessary, what a great friend." :p "You're buying shots for me and my friends cause it's my birthday?!" :angel: "You bought me the earrings and the matching necklace? You're my girl!"

    :coolpics: Bagberry, great recent pics of him!
  12. ^^Erm ... helloooo. Why do I have to "suffer" and "sacrifice" myself for the greater cause? Kayleigh is way more fluent in Swedish (hence Swedish dirty talk with Alex/Gurra though I'd be quick, OM is right behind you on Alex, LOL) than I am. If we talk about a remake of In Your Veins I'm there. I'll audition immediately.