Joel Kinnaman

  1. Hahaha.

    But I don't want him doing romantic comedies. Bring on the intensity Joel baby.

  2. Thanks BagBerry, I loved that interview :smile: I bet Joel would be fun to hang with ;)
    I also came across this, I don't think it's been posted before :hrmm:


    We all know how great Joel was as Holder. Please vote for him as Best Supporting Actor in a Drama in the Annual Entertainment Weekly EWwy awards.
  3. I thought the link in the original post would work, perhaps it was the brackets :confused1: and it wasn't really obvious that it was a link so it didn't hurt to have to post it again. Oh well, I live and learn :shrugs: Again :smile:

    It would be really great if Joel were to win, but as usual, it's a tough category and every vote will count.
  4. Hi! Just mentioned this on the Alex thread: Wonder if Alex got to see Joel while he is in town for the Toronto International Film Fest. Would love to be at the next table in that bar! :drinks:
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    Joel at the screening of The Master at TIFF with Gary Oldman ... and "her". Good choice. The movie just won Best Director and Best Actor at Venice FF.
  6. Lainey reported some very tacky behavior of them from the screening. Let's try to not act like a horny 14 year old kid Joel.
  7. Especially since Gary Oldman was sitting next to them. Dude, try to at least keep it in the pants until you're in the hotel room. But I guess it's hard when your girlfriend is only addressing the parts that bring out your 14 year old kid. I'm not sure they ever had long conversations. Definitely not about acting, would be a very one-sided conversation. *gag* :p
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    I'm sure that Mr. Oldman has seen it all and is very cool about things, Lainy said he looked unfazed, but I agree with both of you. Joel, are the first impressions you want to make as a new actor on the scene with co-stars and the festival committee, tacky ones with an equally tacky gf, with her trailer park manners?

    We've all been there when we can't wait to reunite with a guy we're crazy about but at a packed, high-profile festival screening of an Oscar-contending movie? :huh:
    It would be like making out with our significant other at the work related evening event - would you do that? He has to realize whether it's his project or not, he's working and being watched.

    I know for a fact that it's not appropriate in that setting where they attracted so much attention to themselves and you know the audience for that particular film, figured out who they are and were like, WTF?

    Again, totally contrived situation she created to get attention in the press and she probably got him to go along with it by attempting to be "the sexy gf who's dangerous" and texted him beforehand that she wouldn't be able to hold back at the film. Not sexy, Baldrick (her new name still?), but low class. There she goes, being predictable! :blah:
  9. It's not that I think Gary Oldman hasn't seen it all it's more a respect thing. Would you want to sit next to a couple passionately making out with the respective sounds having listen to them whispering sweet nothings in their ears and that pays no attention to the movie? Why did they come in the first place? And of course he looked unfazed. He probably tried to ignore them. What should he do? Ask them if he can join? I'm sure he has a sense of humor about it but I hate these kind of couples at the movies.
    Just saying, Joel, your class is sinking.
  10. Oh, I didn't mean to imply that he wouldn't have been quietly uncomfortable about the scene they were creating and you're absolutely right that they shouldn't have gone to the screening. Maybe Joel was trying to please both of them (go support a co-star and keep visiting GF happy) but kinda struck out in the process.
  11. Ok I'm going to weigh in here now. When I read your posts yesterday I couldn't quite believe them :wtf: Joel please, just show some 'respect'. Yeah some people may find this behaviour amusing but it will have been noticed. Man, you will have to put some serious and great work in over the next few months. It all could have been so different :-s
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