Joel Kinnaman

  1. Just watched that video. The girl looks amazing, but the crap she's spewing is beyond fugly.

    As someone who has been in Stockholm several times (I was still there last week) I have never experienced anything she's describing in this video. And her comment about everyone wanting to live in the US is ridic!

    I wonder what reception she'll get the next time she's back in Sweden and has to face the Swedish Mafia. :pokey:
  2. I prefer Gustaf! :graucho:
  3. really?! cause it's clearly a man...
  4. She posted the same comment on like 10 different threads.
  5. yea, i reported it
  6. the set of what?
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  8. You've got to love the fake cigarette :biggrin:
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    Come on BB! I also just read set. Missed the OM part entirely. Can't blame Wimpy for asking.
  10. Same.
  11. Yeah but it's not my fault if people aren't reading carefully.
  12. New article from LA Confidential even though they think he's still living in Vancouver for The Killing.