Joel and Nicole out in L.A.

  1. Nicole Richie returns from NY Fashion Week and shows off her burgeoning belly while out shopping in Los Angeles with Good Charlotte boyfriend Joel Madden on Wednesday.
    The couple also ate lunch together and grabbed coffee to go…
    Ms. Richie wore a black slip dress with her black Grecian-insped sandals and topped off her look with a fedora. Joel dressed in head-to-toe black including the Ray-Ban Wayfarers.
    Baby Richie is due sometime in January.
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  2. They look soo good together. Really cute!
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  3. I don't think she looks all that great here. The hat looks terrible and her skin looks pale and sickly.

  4. I was thinking the same thing when I saw these pics on popsugar. Everyone says how great she looks but I don't think she looks very healthy. I was thinking to myself that I hope I don't look like the when I am pregnant. She really doesn't have that "glow". I am glad I am not the only one who thought that, it seems like everyone thinks she looks great!
  5. I was thinking the exact same thing.
  6. She probably had rough night..when i was preggers sleeping didnt come easy, with the big belly and sometimes hearburn. It could also be the plane ride frm NY (for Fashion week i tink?) or some morning sickness, hence looking a lil tired. But I noticed she had some eyeliner, so at least she's making an effort to look decent when going out...she probably skipped the foundation, tt all :yes:.
    Pregnancy is not all glowy and smiles..well at least not all the time... :p. Hope she's coping well with ther pregnancy her!
  7. Oh man, I still CANNOT get used to this girl being pregnant. I can't think of anything scarier or more worrisome.
  8. Is it me or does her baby bump look somewhat scary? :s