Joe Simpson Creepy Dads It Up a Notch

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    We really don’t give Jessica Simpson enough credit. For a girl whose father is this side of Molesty Culkin, she is unbelieeeevably normal. Daddy Joe Simpson is a frosty-tipped publicity gigolo who, for an ex-pastor, has absolutely no problem taking photos of his daughter in pure ex-coital bliss. Let’s kick off the creeptown train and reminisce to 2004, when Joe waxed hoetic to GQ Magazine about Jess’s rack: “She’s got double-D’s! You can’t cover those suckers up!” In his defense, Jessica tells Jane:
    We’re Podunk Southern. And my dad is very open about his ideas and…it’s disgusting that people would actually think…people are making a judgment on something that is false.
    Is it disgusting, Jessica? Is it? Because, judging by the above photograph, taken by your father, a bedsheet barely covering up your bathing suit places and an indentation in the neighboring pillow that just screams Premarital Sex, we think your father should take a long hard look at his insanely puppet-like features, run his fingers over that rhinestoned WWJD bracelet he so loves, and reconsider what exactly his motives are. Feel free to talk about your huge rack J, but please, keep it outside of the family.
  2. no comment ... had enough with this man
  3. I dunno... I have one quick question though. (And I'm not trying to be an arse. Just truly truly wondering...)
    If Usher's mom, who is his manger, took a photo of him in his speedos with water glistening all over his body, would she be getting the same smack as Joe?
    Again, I'm really interested in the answer to this.
  4. From the words quoted from this man...everything he says has sexual connotations directed to his daughters. He is one SICK MOFO!!!

    More disgusting how he took that photo.
  5. Papa Simpson is so bad. That is just not the right thing to do. I have had enough of his sick promotions of his daughters.
  6. Ew. I like Jess and Ash but wow...their dad is just really creepy sounding, IMO. I've thought this for a long time, even before he made that comment about Jess' boobs. I hardly see their mother out there but the dad is in EVERY picture or oversees every shoot his daughters do. They're adults and he doesn't really seem to be treating them like adults, except in a sexual way.
    And in response to Nyckei, IMHO, no parent should be taking pictures of their children like that, no matter what their age or sex is. I'm not really up on everything about Usher, but as far as I know, his mom doesn't have a history of making sexual comments about him every chance she gets. Joe on the other hand...blech.
  7. Okay... just checking. I don't think his mom has either. But I was just wondering. Thanks! :biggrin:
  8. Lol no problem. It just seems weird to a lot of people when something like that happens..look at Angelina Jolie and her brother when they kissed the way they did at that one awards show. I think it weirds people out to see family members acting like that towards either other.
  9. Huh.... O_O
  10. Simply said, I think he's a FREAK!!
  11. i was sick of the dad when he constantly appeared in the newlyweds show.
  12. Ew Ew EWWWW
  13. Just plain FREAKY!
  14. He's freakin disgusting, once I heard about the "whole ring thing with promise to me you will stay a virgin" I knew something was wrong with him. Uuh makes me want to gag:throwup:
  15. :blink: he is freaky