Jodie Purse/Wallet

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  1. Saw the Jodie purse today and loved it its quite big you could use it as a clutch it has a wrist strap lots of credit card slots and compartments
    Definately on my list to buy:heart:
  2. I saw one on Ebay from Mulberrymad and bid on it, but didn't go too high as I need to be on a spending ban right now. Looked really nice and it was in seville which would go with my Jody bag. Thought it would be nice to take grocery shopping, etc.
  3. I saw that and saw you were bidding on it - shame you didn't win but it went quite high in the end, didn't it?

    I think it's lovely - can't wait to see the seville colour IRL.
  4. Went higher that I wanted to pay, but then again, I just bought an oak purse that I haven't even used yet!! There will always be another though!!!

    I had thought that if I could get a good price, I would put the oak one away for a pressie for my DD. Oh well....
  5. kroquet, the more I see the seville colour the more i likey!! I have said on this forum that I am a traditional black, choc and oak girl but I am sooooo tempted... I think that that gorgeous burnt orangey colour would look fantastic against a black wool coat next winter. mmmmm!!
  6. ^^^That's what I thought, too! I have this boiled wool long jacket and it looks really good with it. Also, looks good with dark grays and navy.