Jodie mini

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  1. Hi everyone! So I can’t find any reviews on that bag. It caught my eye while I was buying something else and it was instant love. I can’t stop thinking about it but I know I won’t get much use out of it because it’s small and handheld.
    Anyone bought this bag? Some feedback would be appreciated! What fits? How practical/delicate is it...
    picture attached is when I grabbed it in store.

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  2. I don’t think you will be able to fit much inside.
    It’s a small handheld bag.
    They are really cute, but I don’t know how practical they would be...maybe for an evening out.
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  3. Thanks for chiming in. Yes that’s exactly my thought as well. An evening bag perhaps.
    Hope someone who has it can share their experience :smile:
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  4. I’d love to know too!
    It’s pretty but I’d like something that can hold sunglasses, car keys and a lipstick maybe.
    I’m guessing phone wouldn’t fit in this bag. Can anyone share what can be fit in the bag? I’ve not seen it in person thanks
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  5. Hope someone who owns the bag will see this! If noone on TPF has it it must be a really bad bag
  6. I don’t think it’s a “bad bag,” it’s just the size being so tiny and the price listed works against it!
    Practically also is a’s not a bag a person could use as a daily carry bag.
    Just my thoughts on it!
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  7. If you don't carry much at all, I think it's a fun little grab-and-go. I think the hobo shape works in its favor over a clutch since it has a 'handle', especially for parties or evening.
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  8. Found this recent review. Looks like it fits the basics. I will try to go back to the store and try it. I’m just disappointed that the color cipria isn’t available on the website or department stores any more. Anyone knows what BV does with their seasonal bags that don’t get sold? Do they send them to the outlet?
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  9. You should actually contact an SA at Bottega Veneta, they will look in their system for this bag in this color and do all they can to get it to you if it can be found.
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  10. I do not have the bag, but I love it and plan to buy one!
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  11. Please let us know when you do!
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  12. I love it! It looks so great with your outfit. That sweater is amazing:smile:

    I love the design, especially that knot-but I can’t do just handheld. I love it for those who can. It’s tiny but seems to fit the essentials.

    I have two of the pouch 20 because they have the little strap that I can wear crossbody, doubled up for shoulder carry, or handheld if you like.
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  13. Thank you for your feedback. I’m also more of a crossbody girl but I somehow fell in love with this bag and especially this color. I am probably going to buy it next week so will report back :smile:
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  14. I get it! It is adorable:heart:
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  15. I bought the mini Jodie in the color Cipria. The SA at BV managed to get me one of the 3 last pieces in this color in the US ( thank you @indiaink for your suggestion!).
    Just wanted to share that the bag fits all the essentials! It fit my LV Victorine wallet, LV key pouch, sunglasses and phone with no problem at all. I will share pix of what fits inside when I get the chance.
    I absolutely love this bag. It can be handheld but also carried on the crook of the arm. Not sure why this model didn’t get a lot of hype. It’s much more practical than the pouch and more timeless in my opinion. I might get it in the bordeaux color as well (want to try this one first). I’m also definitely buying the Jodie in the next size up in the black color. I absolutely love the leather, shape and the knot that they added to the original hobo.
    Here’s a pic of the black medium size. As I said will share pix of what fits inside the mini soon..

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