Jodie Marsh

  1. According to wikipedia her nose was disfigured as the result of a childhood hockey accident, I feel bad now for slagging it off. Ok, i'm over it.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. LOL!! You naughty girl!! Hahhaha,oooo,ow though eh?? I think I read she had surgery,but it must been to try and sort it out??She was very,very badly bullied in school,so I guess someone whacked her in the face? Evil.
  4. [​IMG]

    For all the US ladies who don't know her,this is our Jodie in typical garb!!
  5. [​IMG]

    And I think thats the drag queen Jodie Harsh with her,she certainly can never be accused of having no sense of humour,she does love having a good laugh!!
  6. She has some front :graucho:
    I can't believe that one with the belt across her chest, it doesn't even cover her nipples, she's insane!
    Think you're right about her SOH though and if she's having a laugh and making money out if it then... I don't know, I do think her new boobs are obscene, she should have kept it real like her book title suggests.
  7. chaz, why oh why did you have to post those piccies!!! Thank god I've had my dinner....or otherwise :throwup:!!! LOL!! :nuts:
  8. LOL!!! The sad thing is nothing about her is real.....her boobs, her teeth, her tan!! She even did that reality show about finding a damn husband!! :nuts:
  9. ^^^^^^^^ Its a shame,as she comes across as such a nice lass too.I find when I look at her sometimes,she has an air of sadness or something about her?
  10. Oh Yuk she is soooooo trashy!!!
  11. *barf*

  12. what man would want her? she has left NOTHING to the imagination. She will just be lusted after, but never taken seriously....
  13. OMG SHE's GROSS! she looks freakin scary!

  14. THAT is the truest statement!! Shes a funny girl,and dresses to shock,and has a laugh all the time,but I wonder if she'll ever find anyone??
  15. [​IMG]