Jodie Foster's Birkin in Inside Man

  1. I can't help but to notice Jodie's 2 bags in the movie, I think both of them are birkins, their air time are limited but I was STARING AT THEM and trying to tell my guy friends what bag she is wearing. Of course, they all shhhhhed me and said "NOWIS NOT THE TIME!":lol:
    I am no Birkin expert and I learn most of my birkin knowledge from this forum, but from what I saw, I think the first one is a size 40 croc rougue birkin. The second one was only shown for 5 seconds but I think it's also a birkin, smaller in size, in black.
    If you ladies are going to watch the movie this weekend, please let me know if you are able to id the bag. (btw, it's a great movie, it's definitely worth the 8 bucks for the ticket)
    I personally think Jodie wears the bag really well, it suits her character. Originally, I thought 40 is a wayyyyy large size to be using in a daily basis, but Jodie definitely pulled it off, at least on screen. :P

    do you guys get sidetracked in the movies by designer handbags? I do that ALL THE TIME!
  2. I cannot go to the movies due to my busy schedule and baby, but I will definitely watch it on DVD! I love Jodie Foster movies, always thrillers!
  3. I haven't seen this one either!
  4. LOL! Too funny! I started a thread about this subject the day the movie came out. Couldn't WAIT to get home to talk about this!

    Anyway, there are parts of the movie that I will never be able to tell you what went on because I was staring at those GORGEOUS bags. Especially the orange colored one! AMAZING and huge! They didn't show the black Birkin up close or nearly long enough but I started at it the entire time there was dialogue between her character and Denzel. Couldn't tell you what they said. They could have been talking about my momma for all I know but I can tell you what angle that bag was sitting at on that bench! My eyes were as big as saucers and glued to that bag the entire time!:wacko:

    Anyway, the movie is great and I loved seeing those bags! Didn't Jodie Foster look AMAZING?!?!? She totally pulled off that sharp business woman character. Not to sound funny but when I wasn't staring at those bags I kept looking at how beautiful her legs were! I want those bags and those legs!:lol:
  5. Jodie is a classy goddess!
  7. I sure do! I'm hopeless. I think you develop purse radar after awhile!
  8. Just came back from seeing this movie, really enjoyed it.
    Loved seeing the red bag, looked like mine:love:

    Denzel :love:
  9. It does look like urs and it is so stunning!!!!!! :love: Denzel is cute too, haha :P
  10. Ok, see next post and feast your eyes on the Jodie birkin. Does look just like Kitskats'! That's Battery Park, I go there a lot!