Jodie Foster

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  2. Heh. Good for her flippin' off the paparazzi. When she's in LA, she sometimes takes her kids to a playground we go to, and we've spotted them there. She's very cap, sweats, sunglasses.
  3. what a nice picture! I just watched Inside-Man and she was in it with a fab cream/beige suit and a stunning red birkin!
  4. GOOD FOR HER!! the papz need to eff off. theyve caused enough sh*t. hates it!
  5. I understand that it's part of being a celebrity but I would get seriously heated if I couldn't even leave my house without someone being in my face with a camera.
  6. That finger looks unusually long--is it photoshopped?
  7. I like Jodie Foster. She is quite bright, and a good actress without the drama, surgery or drug addiction...
  8. OMG! That's the l o n g e s t finger I've ever seen! LMBO!
  9. she must be pissed!
  10. Love it!!
  11. that is way too long. I think it's photoshopped but I'm sure that is what she was thinking.
  12. I think it was PS-ed in. The finger looks fake.
  13. Wasn't she though? I just love Jodi. I think she's a great actress and I like how low key she is as she just goes about the daily business of living.
  14. Haha, that's pretty cool of her.
  15. I like Jodi Foster. She's very well spoken, and seems to really act for the sake of acting rather than for the perks of being famous.

    I didn't learn until this year that she's a lesbian. Learn something new everday.