Jobs where you can bring your dog to work?

  1. I telecommute, my company allows us to work from home. All our meetings are via phone and webex, so my dogs are with me all day. Millie, my black and tan doxie will sometimes come in and I will say "do you want to come to the meeting"? And she will get in my lap and sleep while I am on a conference call. So cute.
  2. Quite a few of the smaller, more liberal businesses around here have pet-friendly offices, such as marketing agencies and HR. I think if it's a smaller business and everyone is okay with it, then it's usually fine. Our doggy daycare lets their staffers bring in their dogs for free during their shifts.

    I'm planning to open my own marketing agency in a few years and it'll definitely be dog-friendly (I'm allergic to cats!). I would just ask that they're potty-trained in some form and that they're fairly quiet and well-behaved.
  3. My boss's dog comes to work and has free roam of the office but that is the only dog allowed at work. He is an awesome, beautiful, well-trained dog. At my previous job, people with closed-off offices could bring well-beahved dogs if they wanted. At my friends' company,employees in a particular building can bring pets as long as they have a pet gate installed - this building has offices with four employees usually.
  4. Oh!! How lovely to be able to bring your dogs to work!! I don't think any companies in Singapore has that policy.. I must research and see what comes up! :p
  5. my SO works at a web design firm where he can bring our dogs to work. it's great!

    since we've added a 2nd dog, he does it less frequently- he feels bad leaving one at home, since he can only carry 1 with him. but it's really nice to have the option.
  6. I would love, love to have my dog at home with me. I've worked from home a little more since I got him and it makes the day sooo much better! But now I'm more worried about face time so I have to stop that. Boo.
  7. I think that would be so cool, but my dog would never let me get any work done. As it is it's hard at home because she whimpers and scratches at things to get my attention while I'm working. I did bring her into the firm I was working for in Tampa when I was off and as soon as I put her down she took off running. She ran across the hall and made a lap around a table in a conference room where some people were finishing up a deposition. They had no idea what was going on! Then she took off down the hall and made a lap around the table in another conference room where a man was packing up. I finally chased her down, but she wasn't stopping for anyone. Another time I brought her in after hours and she peed in two different offices.
  8. Our local nursing home allows employees to bring their pets since most of the residents chose their facility because of it. They even have their own resident dog and cats. It's wonderful to see the the faces of the old folks light up when they come to greet them with a wagging tail or purring.

    I wish I could bring my dog. She'd be so easy...just sits and stares at me all day unless there some exciteable reason to jump around. She always knows when I'm about to head out, and it's heartbreaking when I'm packing my suitcase for a trip and she climbs on my clothes in hopes I'll take her. If I ever change jobs, it's definitely something I'd look into since it seems like there are more and more pet friendly offices.
  9. my bf takes our spaniel into his office every day. i hear that he is quite the attention seeker, normally he is really chilled.
  10. i doubt the people weren't that pleased but this is hilarious

  11. I think they were more confused than anything. She also had a shaved side because she had had an abscess removed and so she looked sort of mangy. One guy actually did get some kisses from her once I picked her up.
  12. I read somewhere that employers report that if the policy allows dogs, the employees are much more loyal and less likely to leave and have a higher satisfaction level with their jobs. Not to mention built in stress-relievers with them all day!!!

    I sure would be loyal to a company that let me bring my dog to work.
  13. Be a truckie.

    I was on the freeway the other day and there was this truck going in and out of lanes. He finally over passed me and as he did a tiny chihuahua popped up by the window.

    Found that pretty funny. Not that I have anything against chihuahua's but it was just not the type of dog I pictured a truck driving bloke to have.
  14. My mother has a office at the airport, and I often bring my dog to visit since they are allowed all over the airport.. They just love petting her when we go through the security!:lol:
  15. I know that Dick Clark Productions allows pets everywhere in their offices...would LOVE to work there!