Jobs where you can bring your dog to work?

  1. It may just be me, but a job that would let me or encourage me to bring my dog to work would be dream come true! Anyone out there have jobs that let them bring their dogs to work!

    I would seriously be a million times more productive with my goldie around.. and a few pets on her head after a tough meeting would really make my day less stressful! Today I could really use her here!
  2. I think Google employees can bring their dogs to work!
  3. I wish I could bring my dogs to work.
  4. That would be a dream come true for me too!
    Someday when I have my own private practice (therapist) I will be able to bring my dog in. There's been a lot of research that petting an animal will get a person to open up more in therapy so it's a totally legitmate excuse to have my babies with me!
  5. I have been VERY VERY VERY VERY lucky. My last 3 jobs, I been able to bring my dog/s. The 1st job I was able to bring my dog was a mail order software company. I was there for just about 5 years. My next job, when I was speaking to the owner of the company, setting up an interview. I said the hardest part about leaving the job I was at is that I was able to bring my dog. She was like what kind of dog is it. I said a long hair Chihuahua and she said OMG we bring our Chi to the office everyday, and to bring him to the interview with me to see if they got along. They did!!! I think that is one of the main reasons they picked me for the job. I was there almost 5 years too. The last job. I also discussed how great it was being able to bring my (now 2) dogs. The owner said if they do not bother anyone (which they don't) I could bring them. I have 2 beds under my desk and they pretty much just lay there all day. Sad thing is I am looking for another job and I REALLLLLLLY hope I get lucky again.
  6. It would relieve so much stress - my dog is a nut, he would have me laughing all the time!!
  7. I think Google and Amazon let you.

    I would love to bring my dog to work! One day, if I have my own firm, I will allow it for myself and any employees w/ basic groundrules, like being housebroken and non-aggressive w/ other ppl and dogs.
  8. At my last job you could bring your dog to work with you. I loved it and brought my lil' Hazel with me every day. I only had 1 dog at the time, it might be a little harder with 3 now.

    At my current job I see a lot of people bring their dogs to work so I asked my boss and she was like "yeah some people do, but we won't allow our department to." Kind of unfair huh? I think so.

    Paul Frank allows their employees to bring their dogs to work and even has a dog park built in the building so the dogs can have an area to run and play with other dogs. So cool!
  9. I've heard that Petsmart (the corporate headquarters, not the actual store) allows it. I'm not sure if I believe it though.
  10. Oh, I would love this too! Beljwl, you are SO lucky!
  11. My hubby shares an office with two other guys and I get to bring my dogs in with me when I come to help him work. It just makes the day go much faster when I have my "kids" with me!
  12. beljwl that is AWESOME. you're so lucky!!! do they ever bark or anything? have you ever had issues?

    this is the only thing stopping me from getting a dog. i've wanted to get one for soo long and i basically live alone so i am dying for the companionship. i just dont want to leave the little guy alone for so many hours a day or have to shell out a lot of money per week for a walker. if i did get a walker i would be nervous about trusting the person also!
  13. I work in quite an animal-friendly office - the owner brings his dog in every day, as does the finance's great, never short of a cuddle on a bad day!
  14. i would go get a dog in an instant if i could bring a dog to work!

    my boss' daughter will show up every so often with her 2 dogs and they let them run around the office. kind of surprised they do it because the owner of the building also has his office her and he's really particular about anything that could ruin his building...

    but we're moving our office soon... so maybe it might be a possibility in the future ;) but my co-worker has one of those HUGE dogs... a mastif? now that would be interesting to have in an office every day ;)
  15. I would love love to bring my dogs to work. I know two boxers are a bit much but they just hang around all day. I saw the episode of Dog Whisper where he visited the Paul Frank office and they had a little dog park for them. Loved it! Made me want to move to CA to work there.